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  1. I came recently came across these gems:
  2. damn it! where the picture of you smoking tumbleweed with tits out OP?
  3. what? did she pay you for the dick, nurgas get off the fat ass clit nAo5.:o
  4. i know i know.............I can't help myself Na05!!!!!
  5. also i recall my friend telling me when the black wheelchair guy was acting hard and coming at him, he told him something along the lines of "sweep kicking his head off like a bowling ball mid-air" and my friend started extending his leg kick-pose as the stupid wheels came at him and wheels must have got some sense and backed off.....
  6. ^lulz fucking magic also if the wheelchair guy happens to be a black guy acting like he's hard thug skinny hipster style pants and i remember a friend saying he tried position himself like he was going arm hop off the wheelchair and on to my friend.....
  7. too bad steve, you should snorted some dried up stem cells or something.......a little chat with magic johnson about him beating aids might have brought you luck........all you would had to do is diss Larry Bird with that nurga.................lol
  8. ok I have a odd scenario, has anyone ever had a old man(white beard and cane style) or a guy in a wheelchair try to fight them? what to do? fight the lesser being? or walk away being the so called "bigger man?"
  9. fuck with that college fake it till you make it nao mofofucker!
  10. 1walk around club, fuckk everybody...(nh) 2become hermit in china mountains 3fuck many Asian bitches 4start your own wu tang clan that noone can fuck with.... 5cut the original(who took got you shook, and feeling emo) bitch's arms off using your upgraded kung fu shogun ninja death stealth skills...(with no sword, of course and leave her alive) 6post pics of every anything on teh oontz 7prop I'moffthywallz for for being off the mofofucking wallz...............nA05
  11. watch the movie limitless, rule the world................
  12. great tip, everyone I talk says black people have or tried to screw them over (nh)
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