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  1. False. The person below me knows how to watercolor.
  2. How'd that work for you? Cold turkey? Any physical withdrawals or just mental?
  3. They should have a casino named after you.
  4. I believe you can make health care free in the U. S. of A. And if you did, I'd make my girl get impregnated by you. Fuck it. You're that awesome, just impregnate her anyways.
  5. Props given. "Keep shit stains in my drawls so i can get fizafunky foe ya"
  6. "What's that smell?" "Crack" "Yep. That's Crack. Crack Cocaine"
  7. Kim Kardashian's puckered butthole
  8. Your bionic commando skills impress the military. You're skills exceed the military's. You alone, could take out any army. Edit. You make Hawaii worth while.
  9. False. The person below me is already drinking.
  10. I'd buy you cans of mace because you know how to use them better than anyone. You're fucking awesome.
  11. True. The person below me is an alcoholic.
  12. True. The person below me likes roses.
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