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  1. Malin

    Dear ________,

    Dear Pile Of Laundry, Fuck you. Dear Ms. Seyer, Nice to see you, glad to see you're still here. Dear Xanax and the Doctor Who Prescribed You I love the shit out of you. You make everything just dandy. Love, Malinose full of snorting Xanax.
  2. False. Getting there though. The person below me owns a fleshlight.
  3. Also, this thread needs more tamales.
  4. False. The person below me is ethnic.
  5. Fuck. I will keep it simple: Marry my sister, I want to be your brother in law and help raise your kids. I want to be related to you in some way.
  6. First things first: Does this herb have anything of value that he left behind?
  7. And you're a good e-friend for doing that. But just don't look at me in the eyes.
  8. When I get to face/tongue fuck Kim Kardashian's beautiful, round ass, I'll call you so you have it first.
  9. You never cease to amaze the world. You're going places and the world looks forward to your prosperous life.
  10. True. Tasmania. The person below me collects weird things.
  11. True. well, since you describe yourself as "a white nigg@ from the burbs, be this guy: then slang this to your friends and others: The person below has porked their girlfriend's sister.
  12. Your eyes are like glowing emeralds brought from the angels and face sculped by the gods above . I fuckin' love your face. This what we all do when we look into your eyes:
  13. False. The person below owns a Tarantula.
  14. I wish they made cans full of your breath, it's dreamy.
  15. True. The person below me loves soup.
  16. False. The person below skates.
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