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  1. You can buy one of those prepaid visa cards from the grocery store and use that to order from their website. The will not have any name on i, so when you order their stuff, just list a fake name. i did that and it worked.
  2. How do dogs actually feel about this?
  3. True. The person below me has been to Delaware.
  4. Malin

    Dear ________,

    Dear London and Tulum, Mexico, London OR THE U.K. in general, I was born to live there. bring me back, please. Tulum, I'm supposed to visit you in the summer time when I'm not in the U.K. Always, Malinez
  5. False. The person below me was raised in an orphanage.
  6. False. The person below me has a king sized bed.
  7. Malin

    Dear ________,

    Dear Ashley Broad, Words can not express my hatred for you. Though we have never met, but when I watch your show (Hard core Pawn), I hate the faces you make, the tone of your condescending voice, mannerisms, how disgustingly your double chin looks, and your snide comments. I hope you get gang raped in your poorly wiped shitter and bleed slowly to death or at least a shotgun from your pawn shop shoved in your twat and pull the trigger. Sir Malin Monster Esq. PS- Your reproduction organs should have been taken from your fat ass at birth.
  8. False. The person below me owns a pair of designer sunglasses and will tell which brand.
  9. False. The person below me has been to an AA/NA meeting before.
  10. Today: Did some laundry in my apartment's laundry room. Did the usual washing, put them in the dryer and fell asleep on the couch for about an hour. Mind you, I hate leaving my clothes in the dryer after they are done because of wrinkles. Whatever. I fell asleep, woke up and remembered to go get them. When I went into the laundry room, I found my clothes to be still damp, on top of the dryer, and wrinkled to all hell. Whose ever clothes that were in the dryer had taken mine out, knowing damn well they weren't done. There were two other dryers that they could have used. So i open the door of their dryer and took a piss in to their drying laundry.
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