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  1. True, and a black at that. The person below me is below me.
  2. True. On Xanax. False. I'm not hungover. The person blow is paranoid.
  3. True. The person below me has a girlfriend who likes it in the shitter.
  4. What is it exactly you did for money before this new gig?
  5. and defecate on many (Hey, Seyer!)
  6. False. The person below me owns more than one car.
  7. I can get down with this. anyone want anything from colorado?
  8. False. I actually like them because the girl i am currently with loves to get B.F.'ed all hung over and stuff in the morning. It's awesome. The person below me loves Cherry Limeaids.
  9. This is the best thing I have read all day.
  10. False. The person below me has an iPhone.
  11. Day off, sitting at my desk/drawing area, just threw a xanax up the nose, about to draw and enjoy this iced coffee.
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