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  1. You can't go wrong with King Diamond.
  2. False. The person below me doesn't eat pork.
  3. So those were Jewish Russians they killed in the video?
  4. False. The person below me was a late bloomer.
  5. True. The person below me likes Jamba Juice.
  6. Okay, here's the deal.... I got a new p.c. made by Dell. Not exactly legit. I want to download full on albums from sites as rapid share and others. Like you know when someone from the ooontz makes a thread for a new album coming out and everyone jumps on it. Anyway I don't know what torrents are or any of this fancy talk. I am legally retarded when it comes to this computer stuff. So help me out here. What do I need to down load all these albums and stuff. If you don't mind explaining all this to me that would be dope too. Props will be given forever. -Thanks
  7. Not all the time, but I do enjoy some when it;s around. The person below me will tell how they like their steak cooked.
  8. False. The person below me has long nails.
  9. True. The person below me has been to China.
  10. False. The person below me cooks daily.
  11. True. The person below me has children.
  12. Yeah! Happy Birthday. Bang broads, do drugs, and pee in a bitches' shitter that looks like this!
  13. False. I wouldn't say hate.... The person below me is generally a gassy person.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TY0jl1BVPQ
  15. Name it Boogie Paws or Boogie Puss or Boogie Balls.
  16. False. The person below me has little to no money.
  17. True. When I was young. I shot a bird on a telephone wire with my bb gun. I still to this day get bummed out about it. The person below me negapropped whathepuck? for being a tool.
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