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  1. True. Barbecue galore. The person below me is on some kind of diet.
  2. You seem visibly upset?
  3. This thread is going to turn into this http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=129181
  4. You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later
  5. This makes me feel uncomfortable.
  6. I bet Mike Tyson is bummed out.
  7. False. The person below me has a pair of tube socks.
  8. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo You're one smooth talker.
  9. False. Enlighten us. The person below me prefers kettle corn to buttered popcorn.
  10. I'm about to eat a turkey pot pie.
  11. False. The person below me will eat breakfast.
  12. Lil Chris- "I just like to bang white bicthes witta gang a ass. So what n!gga?! Chauncey- "The fuck out here with that shit son. Them bitches is borderline fat ni*gga!" Lil Chris- "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
  13. True. A long time ago. The person below me hates the heat.
  14. False. The person below me is ready for summer.
  15. False. The person below me is over the age of 25.
  16. This is it right here.
  17. False. The person below me has tried Meth.
  18. Hahahahaha! I'm really stoned and I thought you put brown rice on the rag. Meaning this: True. Still am. The person below me likes Gyros.
  19. True. No/Hipster. The person below me has had rice once this week.
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