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  1. <!doctype html> <head> <title>pill head - Google Search</title> <script>(function(){ ;var e=!(!false),g=!(!false),h=!(!true),i=!(!false),j="pyLTTq_-D4q50QHxmfVJ";function l(a){var b="inner"+a,c="offset"+a;if(e)return window.screen[a.toLowerCase()];else if(window)return window;else if(document.documentElement&&document.documentElement[c])return document.documentElement[c];return 0}function m(a, b,c){var d=a.indexOf("#"),f=d>=0?a.substr(d):"";a=d>=0?a.substr(0,d):a;a=a.replace(new RegExp("([?&])"+b+"=([^&]*)&?","i"),"$1");a=a.replace(/[?&]$/,"");a+=(a.match(/\?/)?"&":"?")+b+"="+c;a+=f;return a}function n(a,b){var c=(new RegExp("[?]"+b+"=([^]*)","i")).exec(a);return c&&c.length>1?c[1]:""}var o=window.location;function p(){var a=false,b=o.href,c=+n(o.search,"biw"),d=+n(o.search,"bih"),f=l("Width"),k=l("Height");if(h&&(c<=0||d<=0||isNaN©||isNaN(d)||(e||g)&&(Math.abs(f-c)>10||Math.abs(k- d)>10))){a=true;b=m(b,"biw",f);b=m(b,"bih",k);b=m(b,"sei",j)}if(i){a=true;b=m(b.replace(/\/images\?/,"/search?"),"tbm","isch")}if(a)o.replace(b)}p(); })(); I'll spare you the long version. . .
  2. I like the mouth model, it looks like a mouth jellyfish and that's fucking sweet.
  3. Friend... Digging that big time.
  4. Asian serious big ass banger shit is a contest.
  5. I attended elementary school here across the street from a halfway house/ group home. Shit was always a little weird... i can still remember fiends hanging outside all day hitting up parents for money and cigarettes. I also learned what angel dust was there in fifth grade.
  6. Danny Fontes, Keski and Butch the bum that burned to death... fall river you ruined my youth.
  7. but the sweet commentary will be.
  8. Sure is... laying down is risky business.
  9. I would say do some geometrics but it might get too busy... whatever it is I feel like it should be subtle and monochromatic... and kinda patterny.
  10. Haya, I'm always impressed by the precision with which you work. It's field guide quality really... Can't wait to see it finished.
  11. Don't worry... You'll just die of a brain tumor while in prison. It's painless really.
  12. Seems to me there's a lot of recreation of past work... is this so? I don't know how I feel so I'll stick with "this is stupid."
  13. High school kids with dollar store paint taking down the "man"... Stick it to 'em...
  14. Substance just needs to learn 2 Cope...
  15. I stole a backpack once... It was empty... and from a store. i used it to carry things.
  16. A policeman robbed me for 15 dollars once and then arrested me. Another time I got my nose broken by state police. I don't like them much at all and I have no compassion for them "doing their job" fucking oppressors. I can govern myself thank you very much.
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