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  1. Deer Manute, Your sister is hot... she still won't go on a date with me huh? Sincerely, . . .
  2. Wisdom in Chains. Saw these guys a few months back and was really psyched on it. great show.
  3. Cursed Rudimentary Peni. neither are hardcore really... both have probably been covered in here.
  4. Kanye West Time (the physical construct not the magazine) Television in general Street wear good "bad" art
  5. I'm only in here following NOES around... i fucking hate zombies.
  6. the jk at the end made me a little angry... but i'm not the slappin' type.
  7. He probably has dementia... and by probably I mean definitely. Though honestly when i visited my girls family in Puerto Rico I had to go to a home for old folks with Alzheimers and dementia and shit... oh my god was that depressing... her grandmother was there. Realistically you are giving this guy the one thing he wants which is to live in the comfort of his home until his end and all you have to do is exactly what a family member should do. It's gonna suck but it'll be fun for sure, you'll learn a ton and probably grow up a bit... not that i know anything about growing up. Roll with the punches dude.
  8. Re: gay gallery shit in an abandoned subway station There is absolutely NO reason for this to have taken place. Street art can be street art all it wants but it crossed a line with the subterranean invasion... Writers, I'm fairly positive, have been the only ones interested in spaces like that and as such are the only ones who have ever done anything with them. This "show" is fucking stupid and I hope everyone involved is bummed out on being a part of something so counter productive... especially revok and smith.
  9. At a graduation party when i was 17 I jumped off a house roof and missed the pool... sober. that sucked. I split my feet open lengthwise... i consider myself incredibly lucky on that count. Years later at a new years party I ate a live gold fish. I shit it out at a diner the next morning and the smell of it combined with the hangover made me vomit simultaneously. Some friends of mine once threw a keg off a fourth floor fire escape into a parking lot and proceeded to coat the stairs with white lithium grease on the way out... hilarity ensued. Those are some of the highlights among a multitude of other idiotic actions.
  10. Re: The gulf coast is fucked NEW ENGLAND ROOLZ!
  11. You know what lives in the woods? Bears live in the woods. Have fun.
  12. we've been over the coke pepsi logo debate in another thread... coke did change, 1940 pepsi FTW.
  13. stop saying "fr8" that's just as gay as "sk8ing" ... sissy fight.
  14. CC is a good stepping stone to a real college. I didn't want to go to real college right away and got the boot fairly quickly as I wasn't ready. I then ended up in CC which was ridiculously easy and then back to a "real" college. Some "real" colleges will not accept a good number of CC credits in some programs so make sure you confer with other transfers at your new college of choice. Getting an associates will also help you to learn what you want to do as well as improve your study habits and shit... The experience of college is all about wearing flip flops in the shower, raping drunk bitches, and drinking which to my understanding you can pretty much do anywhere. Seriously though being a welder or a plumber is a better idea these days.
  15. this is hands down the worst thread EVER. fuck you very much.
  16. i think people get bummed out on reading something "so long" because it's on the computer (I hope) this is meme culture after all... and it makes my eyes burn.
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