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  1. this is the predecessor of all shitty rap videos...
  2. Definition of gooch by Aaron P., Long Beach, CA, USA, Jan 31 2000. * The space between your ass and your nutsack. You shave your gooch? by ty and mark, Dec 07 2002. * The space between the balls and butthole. I think I just ripped my gooch. by Artur, Canada, Dec 14 2002. * The space between the scrotum and the anus. Chode. by Anya J., Brookline, MA, USA, Jan 01 2003. * n or adj synonym for chode and also used as an insult 1. a derogatory term. Notes: in many areas, refers to the portion of skip between the scrotum and anus. Therefore, being a guch is undesirable. In other areas, the word lacks a true translation, the closest equivalent being "moron." My gooch itches. or Sally is a gooch licker. by Bryan, San Diego, CA, USA, Jan 07 2003. * The small piece of skin inbetween a man's scrotum and anus. by Anonymous, Jun 13 2004. * Spot between asshole and ballsack his gooch is hairy by Doug C., Narman, Turkey, Sep 28 2007.
  3. go to the library and put up a craigs list ad for his wife... stay home and watch ensuing madness at predetermined time.
  4. put black paint in his windshield wiper fluid.
  5. Re: Fucking Favorite Flickr Flicks oh you are RUTHLESS!
  6. Re: Fucking Favorite Flickr Flicks you can also take a selected area screen capture...
  7. you have scabies... they get worse at night, that's when they're active. i've had them twice. i had to wear gloves because my hands were falling apart. get it taken care of now or it'll just get worse and you'll want to off yourself...
  8. Re: Fucking Favorite Flickr Flicks I would like to bring to attention young boys strung out smashed up face behind jay. now i dont feel so bad...
  9. if anyone else wants one it's 5 for one or 3 a piece for more than one... keep DIY alive.
  10. i'll trade you a "Lower Than Dirt" Rhode Island graffiti zine for one... 33 pages photo copied with screen printed cover. pm me if you like.
  11. things i've done once... 1. look at this thread.
  12. Re: CHARACTER BOMBS CYPHER from providence and the eye thing from boston... i forget his name.
  13. Re: CHARACTER BOMBS requesting.. KURSE from boston.
  14. Re: CHARACTER BOMBS SLO. it's like that.
  15. really nice... good work. who is down and are there any pieces or other throw ups? please add...
  16. yikes! i mean people knew...but seriously did you need to take all the mystery and intrigue out of it? BELETED!
  17. Pro City. Cold Island Rogue Island Rude Island a state full of jerks.
  18. ok... two buildings were hit by planes, this is fact you can't debunk the video. whether or not the basement was packed with explosives or 7 was hit by a missile will forever be debated... point being shit went down and is done now. but even if you were to find hard conclusive evidence of what caused this it wouldn't do shit. just understand that both ends of this line end in the same place, you're running in circles.
  19. the world trade centers collapsed because they were fucking hit by planes. end of story.
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