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  1. by the way the real enemies would be ignorance and hate. not police, not government, not the fucking president. they just create those things from a position of power. power underlies the majority of these problems.
  2. Iou said it best, without decency towards one another they have more ground to stand on and say "well you need us to protect you." and you will agree because you placed yourself in a position of distrust. This is dehumanization firing on all cylinders and working hard to make you a fucking robot. we are all humans and our different experiences and backgrounds are what make us the same... it's going to get MUCH worse before it gets better. know the real enemy.
  3. smk in front of the whitehouse? anyone???
  4. it's a piece of fabric. some people just invest too much in symbolic property. i'm glad he did it.
  5. i like that you can see day-glo's scalp up there. like he forgot to gel his hair while he was tanning, god... thats just too bad.
  6. shop at ye olde dollar store and buy your family old spam and sardines. it's the thought that counts.
  7. what... the... fuck... where do these people come from? jersey? shit man i just know there is at least one of them lurking on this board. I hate hate HATE these people... WITCH HUNT!
  8. and if you dont busy yourself with the truth, da wood busies himself with the guys.
  9. you have a bloody tampon tattoo... FOOOOG HOOOOOOOOOOORN.
  10. i'd go to a church... like during a wedding... yeahhhh that's it... a wedding.
  11. on a side note... http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com i believe, good breakdown of all religion. it explains the logic behind pagan cults and gnostic belief. also i think the peeing would be better if existing members of the cult forced new recruits to pee in each others buts, felch it out and drink it in some ceremonial piss orgy.... while i jerk off.
  12. officially not a good use of the space. i mean i love MC and Va and all but it just seems like ahh fuck it.... why hate. I haven't done any. Good job guys.
  13. dont be stupid they stood on the roof, climbed up the back of the bilboard and dropped onto the ledge... geez.
  14. you'll all be singing a different tune when they cast an irish gypsy curse on you... mark my words.
  15. dude my cult has 2 members give me a bit to recruit and then we can war it out on the OZ.
  16. she made your bed and you lie in it? no no no... thats all wrong. seriously though i'm no dear abby but weight the pro's and con's of the relationship before you tear it apart. 3 years is a long time and not something to destroy over a futon. but dont take my word for it.... i'm dieing single.
  17. cult psychos do not appologize. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGqizOsLh_4&feature=related another manson video explaining what was going on in his head... kind of. i think that DO from heavens gate kind of had a point too with the calculated risk of timely suicide. ! 2789 ! we can be the leaders of this new cult... anyone else want in? free punch and pie...
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYZD7Y-PDEk&feature=related san diego. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn0hcpyGuac&feature=related Waco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlWnto2Dd8A Manson video (an ex-girlfriend of mine had an original of this video. amazing video)
  19. I remember growing up and there were a few stories of cults in my area, only one of them ever materialized into anything real. I believe it was a Pagan cult in the forest into animal sacrifice and things of that nature, i'm not sure how many people were involved but eventually the EPA or Forestry service caught them and they were served with a summons for cruelty to animals... or they were arrested.
  20. Does anyone on here know anyone who was in a cult? Has anyone been in a cult? Heaven's Gate. Waco. Japanese suicide sults. Spahn Movie ranch. Charles Manson. Do. David Karesh. Seeing as alot of you are from texas i can only imagine the shit that goes on out there. feel free to tell stories, rag on the church as a cult. tear appart religion etc etc.
  21. i want to start a cult so maybe this is a good place to recruit... actually, see my NEW THREAD!!!
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