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  1. i did like it... but not as much as i liked your mom.
  2. you're so unoriginal you couldn't even come up with anything other than a complaint about other peoples inability to be original.
  3. shit... you're only gay if you aren't cuming. you win on two counts, free beer and free head.
  4. credit cards were invented to keep you in debt. seriously. cash is king otherwise they wouldn't try and switch the monetary system to plasticcc.
  5. nah she don't let him cum at all... BOO-yah.
  6. yeah... i feel i hold a lot back from a deserving 12oz community. stay tuned
  7. kudos to you. heroin being a very difficult thing to overcome i suppose. i have watched friends slip away and take multiple trips to rehab over diesel and shooting heroin alike. shit is bad news. i think it was the presence of people who fucked themselves up really badly that kept me away from that... that and i was a speed freak.
  8. ahhahah... also once i jerked off behind a school bus full of junior highschoolers before while driving. i think i had a problem.
  9. I was 14(ish)... i don't live at home anymore and thusly enjoy the luxuries of wandering around the house naked while jerking off and scratching my ass.
  10. i got caught jerking off by my dad... and mom... on sepperate occasions. do i win the prize?
  11. yeah i did give up. i meditate kind of by walking but that isnt free of external stimulus... and often times a bit more stressful.
  12. thats pretty much the way I went. like i cant see the end of the road but i can see a really really sharp turn and then a bunch of trees. get out while you can. and so here i am....
  13. no, no heroin. sorry. male midgets may be involved but you know how that goes... right?
  14. anyone ever been? i am going friday i think. feel free to make fun of me, share stories or offer encouragement. p.s. i don't do drugs anymore, theres a backstory to this.
  15. it was alot of people all sitting on each others shoulders... TEAM WORK!
  16. most notably... the earth. also soundgarden wants to blow up the outside world... so they're with me. airplanes. the whitehouse. graffiti trading cards. amongst many many other things.
  17. it stands for other peoplles orpety. drink.
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