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    the sony dr-bt101 bluetooth heapdphones are pretty cool. u can leave your iphone on the charger and walk around (within like 50 yards) and that shit comes thru crispy. Everything wireless is better IMO and these run for like 60 bucks in best buy and the sound is pretty sweet. The main frustration is that you really cant be doing any thing active cos when they fall off there is no cord to catch them and they hit the ground ...
  2. that shit looks fresh. tell dude to send me flicks if he wants a trading card.
  3. [ATTACH]125987.vB[/ATTACH] new poster http://www.overcollectibles.com
  4. these can be purchased at scrap yard now for all the NYC heads.
  5. series 2 is officially released. check them out http://www.overcollectibles.com
  6. "Anyone can abstract letters but I'd say 95% of those who do lose the core shape that makes the letter recognizable. Once you do that... you've not only lost your audience but you've also made no progress." Memorized
  7. that movie syndeoche had heaps of people - setup - nemz - 17 - that dude who does those rats all over the city (no offense i just know him as the dude who does the rats )
  8. sounds like someones writing a paper ?? My 2 word answer is entertainment and distraction. Im in the middle of my own paper so sorry for the short answer. :)
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