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  1. There's more to life than getting high and doing stupid shit.
  2. i liked feel it all around- washed out, but not much else. "chillwave" seems too broad of a genre.
  3. Bloodklot, after reviewing the entire thread, i suggest you choose from these 3 names, they are all equally tasteful yet modern, they would be very good names for an upcoming microbrew. Personally i recommend Hip Hops.
  4. Wait hold up. You have a hairstylist?
  5. HAHAHAHA i misread it and i thought you said " need a plane to crash" and i was going to prop you big time. Get it, cause there was that plane crash in Brazil? yeah. Now you get nothing. but still.
  6. but really, how do you save the beats you make on this? this is dope
  7. knocked you down to 1 tampon
  8. Re: Great Pictures~ that octopus is now my background, thank you sir.
  9. this is my only reaction to this entire epic thread: fucking awesome.
  10. what do you call an etheopian family portrait? a barcode haha but seriously, i do feel bad for sayin these too, etheopians have a dope culture, have you ever had etheopian food? neither have they. BAM!
  11. The hash slinging slasher!!!
  12. fish tacos are the devil. i love them, but they always give me gas.
  13. Peanut butter, can we see the full piece, it looks dope. Also, alts duse umire and mek are straight killin it! havnt done anything in a minute alts i was goin through photobucket and found this, i totally forgot about it but its one of my favorite pieces ive done
  14. The Flowsmith


    Gunstar Heroes anyone?
  15. http://girlcameramirror.tumblr.com/post/758681582 I'm in love. My head hurts knowing that i'll never see this girl naked.
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