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  1. Gettin my Lemongrab on via Adventure Time. About to get my Benson & Muscle Man on via Reg Show.
  2. Beards. I am rocking a monster right now. Some ZZ top shit. I suffer from anxiety & I take the hairs from around my mouth & rip them them out with my teeth & then I make a point to examine the length of the individual hairs I manage to pull out with my teeth. It's fucking weird & I know my coworkers discuss this behavior behind my back. Some niggas pick noses, I rip facial hairs out of my face with my teeth & I love it. When is enough enough? I rock the obnoxious beard because it irritates my dad & my wife (beacuse fuck them, I am a grown ass man..) but I hate it. I really want to go HW Plainview on them & walk around saying "I drink your milkshake...", but that is fantasy. Or is it? I also have a pair of shades that if I dyed the stash black, I could totally be a unibomber knock off if I shaved the rest, & I am totally into that. white wine... I love white wine. Kim Crawford sav blanc is amazing. the 2008 is the best, 2009 is pretty great & 2010 is growing on me, but if you can find the '09, go with that. grapefruit, apple, good acid & well balanced. around $16 a bottle and well worth it. I cracked open a ($30) French Sancerre tonight & it's pretty amazing, but it ain't shit up against Kim Crawford. Beer: Dale's Pale Ale is best. Red wine, probably Flowers pinot noir or Cade Cab if I want something huge... Liquor, anything brown (duh) scotch, bourbon, mescal, & I do enjoy a sharp london dry gin on the rocks... Try the Scapa 16 yr. if you haven't already. Honestly though, white dry Sav blancs have been coming correct more than anything else. I guess I feel like a homo for pounding white wine. It's what my mom drinks. (but she is drinking over oaked chards that are under $8, so...) This wasn't really about anything, just what is on my mind. What a luxury. We live in wonderful times, so I hope you all are enjoying yourselves, because this shit will end in our lifetime. Drink up!
  3. Re: 275 pound black guy: 1, 100 pound femal officer: 0 :lol: :lol: :lol: props!
  4. ^^^ yes it is... That ewok & hense are bangin' too.
  5. revok is on some new shit I am really into (n/h). always liked his shit, been loving it lately, though... OH, & that POET is nuts. & SKREW is bangin' as well (always).
  6. this video!!! Oscar for best short. amazing. n/h.
  7. couldn't have said it better myself...
  8. stolen from ATL thread...
  9. "I get more ass than toiletpaper..."
  10. I knew you all would come through with the sarcasm contest... No hate, it's fucking awesome. I am uber positive & you won't bring down to your level. that's how i win. I won. bitches.
  11. ^^ha, ha - props issued... So you're familiar with that film, ehh?
  12. But it's how I (you) remembered it, so the shit is hilarious and/or interesting. Thread for your favorite bullshit/exaggerated stories you pull out socially because you have an art to your storyteilling. (or you think you do). one of mine... THE NICKEL BAG Was at the mall in the Washington DC area & I was with my best friend at the time & a girl I liked but she didn't like me back (fucking friend zone), but we were really good friends type shit. Anyway we were like 14 or 15 years old, haning out at the arcade, playing Street Fighter II, (I was always Ken) & the mall Street fighter master showed up & kicked my ass like 9 games straight with Ryu, so it was extra embarrassing, especially since I was trying to get my hands on this girls tits that was with me. $3.75 later we bounced from the arcade, & on the way out I saw "Jay" (the wigger kid that always has the Raiders Starter jacket & matching cap, halfassed drug dealer.. You had one I'm sure... They would sometimes shave their beard to that super thin line that perfectly followed their jawline type motherfucker), so he has some weed & "we" buy a nickel bag from him. He hands it to me it's wrapped in foil & we get it back to my place to smoke. I construct a bong with a empty Scope bottle, the tube of a Bic pen & a socket out of my dad's toolbox & start huffing this shit down. Shit turned into a cartoon, we were losing our minds, & I figured out that we had just smoked weed that was drenched in PCP. After about the first 5 minutes we started having alot of fun. Felt invinsible, visuals were nuts & I got to hold hands with the coolest, hottest chick while walking through to woods- out of our minds on angel dust. We got married in 2004 & are happily married to this day. My advice, try PCP. But on accident...
  13. (A) - muder as much ass as possible. that girl that always liked you, but she was only a friend to you... look her up on facebook & wax that ass. that chubby neighbor w/a lazy eye, that was kind of cute, but you you never got around to fucking her because you were always capable of getting hotter- put it in her butthole. go to a bar, get a few johnny walker blacks in you, find some recently divorced whore & get her to blow you. whatever you do, do go falling inlove w/some random just cause you are hurting. blow through a pile a misc. sluts for about 18 mos. & you'll be gravy & ready to meet someone new. this is exactly what I did. 7 years doggy, with ONE girl (from 15 years old to 22 years old) she bounced to NYC, I was devistated & just got really good at killing ass. every new fuck got easier & made me feel better. there will always be an emptyness or void when you don't love a bitch, but getting ass is super healing *(for me at least). (B - no. I think & dream about my ex all of the time. I am fine with how things turned out, but that first bitch I still think about at least once a week. then I fuck my cool, hot wife & that's that. or I jerk off to youporn. this is the best advice i can give you.
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