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  1. Like I said. I am looking more for inspiration. I need help naming it not someone to name it for me. Stock cap Brew is cool. Fat Cap brewing co has a nice ring to it.
  2. I thought Semper Paratus was good but I just can't go with a latin name. Mayan, Aztec or Incan maybe. If memory serves the Mayan god of fermentation was Acan. Don't know for sure though.
  3. Sr.PowterPuff I appreciate the time you took to compile this information into 3 options that are obviously the best. Cock Froth it is.
  4. I have a couple friends who suggested Marxist, dont know about that. 10%? sure, but I get to decide what you get 10% of.
  5. Carafa III & Black Patent. You get some roasted tones but the nose and finish is all IPA I currently live in Seattle and will be moving next summer to Portland for a year so my wife can become a Montisori school teacher and after that I dont know where we will end up. I am looking for a hole in the wall type place. The nano brew may be something as small as a storage unit as long as it qualifies in the legal sense. I will self distribute (hopefully) and keep it small until the name is out there and then open the brewpub. But at this point I am still keeping an eye out.
  6. Cerberus was actually the very first idea I had. Makes for a nice crest style label with the three heads of the dog over the name. No one has liked it but still one I think has potential.
  7. I don't know. I think I turn to this place for inspiration more than anything. I don't think I would just pick a name somone blurted out but it might make me think of something I hadn't before. Graffiti has played a huge part in my life and I have turned to 12oz for help in that aspect so many times I thought why not with this as well. And you gotta admit... You'd drink something called Vaj Juice.
  8. I was originally thinking corney kegs but I have access to free brand new 30 - 50 gal glass lined water heater and was actually thinking of bulk aging there then keg but I'm still working out the details (fda and whatnot). I could secondary in a tank with less head space if I wanted. I did think about how to clean them afterward and will have hinged false bottoms if that's what you mean. My usual house brews are a Pale Ale, IPA, Baltic Porter and a Honey Wheat. The main flagships though are. Triple IPA, Black IIPA, Mint Baltic Porter, Vanilla Espresso Russian Imperial Stout, Strawberry Double Wit (for the ladies) called Panty Grease. The flagships will be seasonal and the house brews will be year round. I also have a 3 year barleywine I am working on but it's a long process just for a taste.
  9. The kettle. Same system as with kegs on a 3 burner setup. But instead of the normal keg it will be a much larger tank so I had to redesign the stand and burner size. I also decided to upgrade to a more automated system and put together a stainless steel tube feed from the HLT to Tun to kettle etc. and added a rotating sparge arm wich I had never had before. I don't have pictures as it is not yet built but when I get a chance I could post the pdf of the new designs. I'll try and find a photo of what my goal is.
  10. Glisade brewing co. I Rusted door or Black door. Because the doors to my brew house look like rust on one side and have a black board on the other. Antidote Tempest Old Griffen (friend suggestion) I still like The Nine, as in going the 9, dressed to the 9s, the whole 9, etc. It first came around when I was designing my new 30gal brew system for the nano brewery. A co-worker who is welding it for me was impressed and said "damn you're really going the full 9 with this brewing thing aren't you?" 9 is also my "lucky" number and I have put it into several of my paintings.
  11. Not once. Did have a Sisters of Mercy tape in the 80's though. That's about it.
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