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  1. i just got me a sweat band to wrap around my tummy while working out, because i've always had a lil belly. no matter how many crunches or how much cardio i've done, or how fit the rest of me is, it still remains, albeit a lot smaller than it has been in the past. this russian broad i work with who trained with an olympian coach put me on to it, i'd never heard of them before. but it is the business, i really feel the difference after just 2 weeks. i've heard if you're trying to get really defined muscles they're bad, but i'm not aiming for a six pack.
  2. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... if i happen to make eye contact i'll smile or say no thanks but there's no need to stalk a bitch, or interrupt conversations between two people to make your pitch.
  3. my dad and three of my four exes are/were chefs. chill ass dudes off the clock, but fucking dicks when they're in the kitchen. i think it's damn near impossible not to have a temper when you're busting your ass in a hundred-degree kitchen. and bossy/bitchy servers don't make it any better. my dad was famous for sabotaging orders.
  4. Re: B.o.B AKA more hate on the mainstream hipster rappers. faggos :lol:
  5. everyone except you! ;)
  6. obvi, haven't you fools ever watched the bonus footage of the style wars rerelease dvd? i'm more of a boris vallejo kind of girl, but rip just the same.
  7. no, i really read it, in about two hours. it was awesome. lots of chain-running and dick-sucking and brick-flipping. that author is from my hometown and they're all about "the mean projects of richmond." i worked at b&n all through high school & some of college and she used to send people in to boost her books and sell them at her own store. my manager went on an undercover mission and checked the barcodes to confirm. which was kind of stupid of her because it fucked up her sales numbers, but on the other hand then we had to order more to keep in stock. now reading: sorta stupid, but passes the time on the train.
  8. aw shit y'all went to the ill japanese spot on st marks! i love their menus and the make-your-own-cotton-candy and the japanese punk waitresses and those weird japanese pinball machines, but i have a sneaking suspicion they water their beer down.
  9. denali is/was pretty sick. from my hometown, the chick is the sister of one of the dudes in engine down if you remember that blast from the past. pretty obscure, i couldn't find much on youtube worth watching besides this skate video that uses one of their songs.
  10. i fucking love having friends that are vets. don't pay for sheeeyit.
  11. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... people who get all up in your face when they hand out fliers. today some midget lookin ass motherfucker straight went out of his way to give me one. i almost popped him 'cause i had my headphones on and he came up on me from outta nowhere and TAPPED ME ON THE ARM. the goolies! no. get from 'round me midget man. i'm not coming to your thugged out pajama party.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pwo5mblugs i know she a crackhead and all that but damn she flipped this beat.
  13. usda hood certified, ya heard? lols for days.
  14. props due to mom dukes and all the women that helped mother me: grandmas, great grandmas, aunties, babysitters, teachers, friends, boyfriends' moms, etc. i actually cried picking out a mothers day card the other day, thinking about the love my mom has for me and vice versa, 'cause i'm such an everloving sap. and i wasn't even surfin' the crimson wave at the time.
  15. my dude makes fun of me for liking portishead. i personally think there's nothing shameful about them. i make fun of him for liking skrewdriver.
  16. but we can do kegels anywhere and no one knows. if i saw some dude standing in line at the post office or sum' flexin his dick muscles shit would be mad suspect.
  17. that's so silly. girls are lucky, all we have to do is just stay up on our kegels.
  18. i'm surprised pussy tightening pills haven't hit the market yet.
  19. ew, false! there's this thing called...doing your laundry... tpbm hollers at girls on the street
  20. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear boris, gahead and break it on down. i got in trouble for playing that song at work the other day. fuck'em. dear bfishy or whoever else, what was that mixtape website thingie you posted a while ago? where you could upload tracks? you and bloodfart and some other people...anyone else know what i'm talkin about? can a wigga get a linkski? gracias, zeebs
  21. just got these...i'm pretty in love.
  22. ^^^ yeah, total fake. some bitch tricks her into eating acid-sprinkled cookies or some shit and locks her in a closet and she scratches her nails off? right. shit is weeeeird, but good.
  23. i just heard about this. seems like a pretty sweet idea: A new, 16,000 square foot skate park is now under construction near the 1964 World’s Fair site in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. In a subtle nod to the mash-up of architectural styles typical of many historic World’s Fairs, the course will feature elements inspired by popular street skating spots around New York City: Original Brooklyn Banks 9-stair replica rail Union Square rail/steps Police Plaza 7-stair rail/various stairs Ziegfeld ledge Chrystie Park ledge Exchange Place street gap JFK Banks Con Ed Banks Pyramid ledges Flushing Meadows Park ledge-over-the-grate replica Various rails in public parks and the aesthetics of many of the spots in Brooklyn
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