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  1. stupid comment. so when you get up you don't care? so you do a fill or just take a tag and someone can write there name over it and you don't care????? stickers are still getting up fuck that douche bag up there.
  2. mclovin-that cat up there in the litter box looks like hes/she is giving you the finger
  3. so i bought an even girlier car than a prelude. a civic . .. no mods either. stock. crispy and sipping gasolina...
  4. ^^^lol coming from a bunch of volkswagon fans.
  5. ^^^im gonna look into that. its auto and i dont need tranny probs
  6. seriously considering making this my next vehicle. trading in my cherokee for something with more mpg. do a lot of highway driving. 85k orig miles. 6500- not really into modding it just like em clean, the one im looking at is red, only drawback for me.
  7. that shit is worth whatever someone wants to pay for it. why? i dont know i agree with the statement it isnt worth 100k to me. nor 100 dollars. but some dude said its worth 100k to him. so fuck it. its like dudes who put mad money into there cars then want to sell a $2000 civic for 7g's its worth 7g's to that dude but not to anyone else. lol.
  8. i remember him bombing with OG a lot. never really dcee but i could be wrong
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLfApKRxTn0 check my boy out.fuck bloomberg
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