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  1. whats good you degenerates? headin up from newfoundland da once too waist a few brain cells and a few cans of paint. any of you mooks down to let me bait out your spots haha? hipsters and kids need not apply.. (self promo/context) http://www.streetfiles.org/friedchicken
  2. "The question is: is the way the universe began chosen by God for reasons we can't understand, or was it determined by a law of science? I believe the second," he explained. "If you like, you can call the laws of science 'God,' but it wouldn't be a personal God that you could meet, and ask questions." - Stephen Hawking I believe this. I don't see an organic creator, i see no soul, no afterlife, no meaning or purpose. All I see is an opportunity to experience, as fragile and short as it may be and as scared as I am about what happens when I die, all it does is make me want to accomplish more and be happy. I see all religion as a byproduct of evolution, as our brains developed more self-awareness and we could finally process our own mortality we needed something to keep us going. Its a conceptual tool for survival. Its give the hope that so many people need too keep on going. The question I'm left too grapple with is how does one keep going in a world with a clear end in sight? Currently my answer is happiness. Get money, fuck bitch's.
  3. casing places with scrap metal on instinct looking at beer bottles as money hustling everything from bikes too smokes throwing rocks throwing bottles picking locks eating baloney smokin weed till the last possible puff savin the last draw of a smoke for your mook friends shoplifting
  4. its funny I can watch all kinds of sappy movies and they have no effect on me. but this shit right here really got too me, i broke down and cried at parts because if my great grandfather hadn't left the country when he did this would have been my families reality. fuck the crown. and if you got any republican blood in ya its worth the watch.
  5. this man knows what he's talking about!! its like a picture of the whole world and everything you could ever want in it. its dat nice home grown from your stacked grow room, its the flyest kicks, the best suits, an e class benz, a room full of paint, and all the high tech tools you could ever want... all the while this is playing in the background
  6. its a grizzly 8.5' its a 870 clone, its a piece of crap gun actually hahaha. but its not considered sawed off, up here in canada the legality of a gun is based on its over all length. with the buttstock its 26' which makes it totally unrestricted, so all you need is a regular gun permit too have one. and in a few months we won't even have too tell the government we have them haha i got the money for one of these bad boys with a pistol grip for when that law gets changed too hahaha
  7. dude in a few months we will be able too cop short barrel pumps and as many SKS or CZ-858's as we want without registering them. i don't care what anyone says about our gun laws up here thats not that strict haha and if you need a handgun up here its not like you want one that comes with a receipt...
  8. this !! i've lived on a farm my whole life, every animal we keep we treat like a pet. anyone who has kept farm animals knows that even chickens have personalities. i personally have only slaughtered and butchered a few, because it truly is hard too look your pet in the eye's when you kill it. but fuck if i'm gona stop eating em. they lived a good life until they hit the grill so i don't feel bad.
  9. bump graffiti that isn't trying too sell you something
  10. i've personally seen a full patch black 81. welcome too canada, where we don't give a fuck what you look like, its how you hold yourself.
  11. thehaze

    obey fail

    graffiti is for doing, not selling.
  12. Religion is not reality there's no debate too be had about this. the word of man is not divine and every religion is a creation of man. And seriously fuck anyone who is so insecure that they can't grasp that. We basically need too get over thinking that we are more then what we are. Spirituality is different, and so is the belief of an afterlife. The belief in something more then what is around us is not the problem because really there totally could be. The problem is with specific religions because as any gambler can tell you, the probability of such a correct guess is not something you would ever go on. The truly important thing is not being insecure about how short life is, regardless of if there's an afterlife or not. Because honestly how much of people's belief in all this is based on being shook about dieing? Existence in its self is not something too be pissed away living on any terms other then your own, because what we do know is you got one life too live so don't fuck around. And it totally is true every action has its own consequence and you have too deal with them. But personally I stand with my head held high knowing that my life now is more important then any gods will for me.
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