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  1. Zig

    Who beleives 2012

    what's up... i'm back. I have to admit during the past 3-4 years leading up to 2012 I think in the back of my mind I expected something to happen. Whatever that was I don't know. I definitely didn't consider that the world was going to end, but I did somewhat believe that some sort of major political event would occur. I'm happy to know in 2013 that I was dead wrong, and I'm not shamed to admit that. My last post on here was in an occupy wall st. thread where I predicted we'd see amazing paradigm shifting things in 2012, and again, I was dead wrong. I'm back here to admit that I was wrong and engage in some thoughtful discussion here because this was always an enjoyable place for me to see different perspectives.
  2. well, i hate to say i told you so guys but i really think i'm done talking politics here. i think we are on the verge of seeing an actual revolution, whether or not these people are right or wrong i think they've set off the spark that needed to be set off and this will culminate into something bigger than it already is. is that going to be good or bad? i don't know. i'd say probably more bad than good with the mentality a majority of these people have... but hopefully smart people will stay involved and we won't be mislead. i have a feeling that we will see and experience very incredible things in 2012, and this is only the beginning of the protests in the streets. all of my conversations and debates here on this forum have lead up to this point, and i think for the most part my own perspective has been validated by the events that have unfolded since i started posting here. i'm done trying to debate and argue with people to help them see the world the way i see it... and i wish you all the best of luck in the future with whatever happens. if this protest dies down and fades into history as insignificant, and nothing happens in 2012, than thank goodness for that and i won't feel the slightest bit ashamed. it was fun guys... but i'm out. FUCK THE N.W.O! Vote for Ron Paul 2012!! zig8
  3. It's easy for you (generality, not specifically anyone) to sit back and judge these people's intelligence on the political issues they have grievances with when you're comfortable with the way things are to the point that you aren't doing anything yourself about it. Fact is, there is tons of shit wrong that needs to be brought the to forefront of the political conversation in this country and occupywallst is stirring shit up. Regardless of the beliefs most of these protesters have, which I personally am in disagreement with, I respect the fact that they are out there protesting and getting the ball rolling. I still have a bad feeling they will be manipulated and mislead into positions that are supported by the very forces they are attempting to fight against, but that's their own ignorance and naivety they will have to confront as well. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/10/occupy-wall-street-and-occupy-the-fed-are-two-sides-of-the-same-coin.html
  4. First edition of the occupywallst journal http://www.scribd.com/doc/67436424/Occupied-Wsj
  5. Zig

    Who Runs the World?

    Frankie I agree with you, but fist emphasizes points I would of made myself. I'm not saying we are completely powerless and there are absolutely no checks & balances in place... but you said so yourself that I'm speaking more so about US political power. I'm not even necessarily referring to the just the US alone, I'd say it's more nation state political power that is also bought and paid for since the people have no control over foreign policy and globalist policies. You make good points though, I definitely see where you're coming from and I don't disagree with you.
  6. yea i do agree with 11, i think all debt should be wiped out. why should we be paying back criminal institutions? if the world's debt needs to be paid somehow, it should be paid by the elitists who manipulate the system, inflate countries currencies, etc. there should be trials and proceedings against these corporations who took advantage and have them pay the debt. don't bail them out. don't give them more money and pretend that they aren't doing anything wrong. don't give them more power and control over our economies. don't put the debt all on the people... do you guys plan on paying that debt too? you know we're going to have to pay it back, your children, your grand-children, probably your future generations... soup you're hilarious, get with it man. we're moving forward and you're still stuck in the denial stage. I mean, listen we have seen now... around the world... protests and revolutions at their beginning stages. The people of the world are undergoing some sort of global revolution, whether or not the ideologies of the individuals involved are all correct or on point... the fact is that people are upset and are starting to take action against their governments and the powers that be. It's sort of an awakening stage for humanity that can definitely lead to some substantial outcomes for the whole world. I support it, even though I don't agree with all of these demands and think a lot of the people involved have ridiculous idealogies... I support it because we need to start this discussion and push back against everything that has been occurring. We have to start somewhere. Let's leave people that are cynical and still in denial alone, and you'll see that the conversations and debates will start really educating the people who know things are wrong and there will be a new renaissance in america and hopefully around the world. i guess i'd say, i'm only worried about people being further manipulated. with the way a lot of these protesters are thinking, i'm guessing it's very possible.
  7. not all of those demands are ridiculous though (some of them definitely are) i agree with 11 especially
  8. aod I hate for it to seem like i'm on your dick, but whatever... you are the most on point person in this forum.
  9. Zig

    Who Runs the World?

    I don't think the modern age has radically decentralized power at all... I think there was an attempt at decentralizing power during the foundation of American history but that was short lived and even the founding father's themselves knew the stability of the power-checking government they created would have to be maintained or it would eventually fall back into a tyranny. Benjamin Franklin, when asked what kind of government America was... a republic or a monarchy, replied "A Republic, if you can keep it." You want specific examples of how power is progressively centralized? Just look at the occupywallstreet grievances and how both parties in this country are bought and paid for with the illusion that there is a democracy and freedom of choice here in America. Then look at how the modern age has increasingly become globalized by the same institutions, corporations and power holders that control both of our American parties. I'd say the idealogies of radical decentralization are still in place, but is it working realistically? No. Power is centralized into fewer people's hands than ever before, and this was a progression through American history that took place from administration to administration over decades.
  10. yea 450 minutes of spiteful bullshit. like i said, this is a 10 year old argument beaten into the ground. if you want to believe this dude and his youtube videos you can do that,
  11. I don't know why people have shit against youtube videos when they are speeches and interviews coming directly from the protest itself. anon latched onto this thing like they do with most liberal movements. i think they are government or intelligence psy-ops imo, who knows.
  12. that's true too, that's why i said i'm willing to stand with anyone who wants to get shit started right now
  13. he's got some good points
  14. Funny how you'd rather watch a shitty 1 minute youtube video that "debunks" theories rather than getting into the extensive research, articles, documents, information, DOCUMENTARIES that are way longer than ONE minute long, peer-reviewed research, etc. The 1 minute youtube sums up your denial and conforms with your own personal beliefs to make you feel comfortable enough to say "Nothing suspicious here, move along." HA.
  15. WeAreChange with MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan setting the record straight about #occupywallstreet http://www.wearechange.org/?p=9854
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