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  1. i almost pulled the trigger on a 16' titanium metallic model S secured financing and all. in the end i just found the purchase would have been frivolous
  2. 12oz booty contest. i think Amongst posted a pic of his girls ass and that was it. I think ^.^ was second place. that woman had an ass for days too. There was a sketch book going around. i think Poesia started it and it was mailed from person to person. Destruction league with Casek shai and seffiks. finding random forums that were vulnerable and just fucking their shit up. Bloodfart and all her life stories. too much to name
  3. this thread is still riding. Crazy.
  4. Had numerous names before this one. Been here Probably sometime 05-06
  5. In the Name of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. smh big time http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/20/us/new-york-police-officers-shot/index.html?hpt=hp_t1 http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/12/20/2-nypd-cops-shot-in-car-critically-injured/
  6. Have 12 weeks off of work. Finding things to do with down time. Currently sipping coffee, reading news headlines
  7. shit.... same here. and i havent even hit 30 yet. its getting pretty bad.
  8. iphone 4s i checked out the 6. Its a nice phone but not for me. (size and weight) Buddy is selling his 5s. Probably end up with that phone for another 2 to 3 years
  9. im only about 400-600 over daily on what i burn. I think it has to be it. Im dropping BF% and peeling a little more but growth has kind of stunted all around. I just think its weird because i feel strong as fuck.adding weight yes. Rep range stays the same mostly 5x5 but for curls and shit 8-10 reps 5-6 sets What rep range? ^^^^^ my form is good on the deads. i just mentioned those because i feel work in them when i do pull. Secondary muscle shit. i dont fuck with cable pulls and isolation machines and shit. chin ups work the biceps a little as a secondary too. Im just mentioning these because i can feel some added work to them while i do some chin up sets. pull ups dont do shit for the biceps for me. palms in hits arms a little more. i think i need to eat more food. hard as fuck for what im going through right now. My job is very physical. Fun but physical. being very conservative i probably burn 800-1000 calories for the work i do. and im am getting the food to compensate. I need more!!!!
  10. anybody else have trouble gaining size in their biceps? barbell curls dumbell curls chin ups dead lifts and these mother fuckers wont grow. sure they are hard as fuck and i am getting stronger. but i am just wondering why the size doesnt come with it.
  11. diet pepsi, 12oz, and looking at half naked chicks in Instagram
  12. i know exactly what you mean. same thing what CALI said about waiting for benches and squat racks. A lot of the time you see people just wandering around waiting for that person to leave. I just hit them up between sets, ask them how many more. Sometimes i just jump in rotation and end up getting a spotter. met some cool people doing that too.
  13. just had coffee , not going to be early
  14. There is a chick at work who is totally worthy of this thread . Trying to catch a picture of her cause she doesn't have a Facebook. I'd smash tho. Flick coming soon
  15. Yeah I know exactly who you're taking about. Same shit with leg presses. Or the dudes who don't touch the bar against their Chest on bench press. The other day I saw someone dead lifting with the worst fucking form ever. I actually spoke with him for a few. Told him I ain't trying to tell him how I lift but that he was going to hurt himself if he kept doing t that way. Arching his back and stretching his neck all the way back I was like WTF
  16. brewing a cup of coffee at 11:35 pm :o????
  17. think we found our answer ^ I've run into two people that i know at the gym i go to. both asked "what did i do to squat 3 plates?" replied with one word. Consistency. I am not the most aesthetic person nor do i want to be. these people thought you have to look ripped to lift heavy. referred them both to the 5x5 program i started with. leg press nearly killed my ass last week. hit 720 for 1 rep and almost didnt make it back up. i know that feeling about working out before work bed framed. no bueno. gotta go light too.
  18. I hate that feeling like your heads going to pop. Too much damn blood pumping too fast.
  19. 2005 it was one of my best friends birthday. Bought 2 bottles of jäger and 2 six packs of red bull. Got a group together probably 15 people. Killed both bottles and someone had brought those Bacardi pre mixed bullshit. It was the blue one called hurricane. I drunkenly shouted this shit ain't shit and proceeded to drink from both handles of Bacardi at the same time. Fast forward to way later that night. my younger bro said I woke up from a dead sleep. Walked to my closet pulled out one of my shoes and started to piss in it. He tried to stop me and I said wtf you Tryna look at my shit or what? Woke up the next morning with a big blue stain from my neck to pants like from puke. Had no idea how I got home, who drove, how I got in. My friend that had the birthday ended up at some house 30 minutes south down the 101. Checked my shoe when my bro told me and sure enough it was true.
  20. got dominoes couple weeks ago. Usually they are slacking but this time they were on point. Pizza was still hot as fuck when it got to my house. Must have been the first stop
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