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  1. fictionator


    been a long time but I remember this thread helping me long ago. I've been up and down sober wise but I run every day, drinking every night recently. 26 and I am doing a little better than I was last year at this time.
  2. How do you call someone a pussy twice ?
  3. read Dune and I have to start over because there is a lot of stuff that i'm sure i missed.
  4. I have been contemplating making this thread for a long time based on my own personal experience. If any of you fellers or ladies have been lucky enough to enjoy this sleep walking/piss drunk situation post your story. I personally awoke one fine afternoon to my father and brother laughing very hard and as I asked what it was they were laughing at I was informed of the following. dad: Do you know what you did last night ? me: What are you talking about ? dad: I woke up to go to work and you were standing in the hallway pissing and i asked you what you were doing. You told me to close the door because you were pissing. At the time I lived in an apt with my dad. Either way I spent a long time thinking about what I had done, severely ashamed. Please provide better tales of said circumstance.
  5. I remember that mongoose helmet. Hopefully the seller gets back to me today so I can go pick that thing up. I'm pretty sure its a 97 or 98 compe, hopefully its in good shape.
  6. its gettin purchased for sure.
  7. Found this on my local CL, I remember it from when I was a bit younger. My brother has a GT bump that got me thinking, so I have been looking around for a bike of my own lately. what do you guys think ? http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/bik/4421343076.html
  8. fictionator


    Haha , I will stay away from that one. I'm 5'11 and my inseam is around 30/31. I don't mind single speed but I would prefer something with a few more options for steep longer climbs on trails, that fork makes it tempting though. Will report back with any potential options.
  9. fictionator


    Thanks for the help fellers, what would i be looking at price wise for a decent new bike of the same variety ? that is , one that wouldn't require upgrades all around. once again thanks, I found a diamondback around my current budget on craigslist . http://boston.craigslist.org/nos/bik/4409517375.html Not sure how great it is but I will keep my eyes peeled for some used goods.
  10. I know this shit is old but that kid maintains sooo fucking hard its incredible. I would have been sprayin.
  11. fictionator


    So this may not be the easiest question to answer but I have been looking to getting a hardtail 29er for somewhere around 4 or 500. Just wondering if its possible to find a decent one at that price that will hold up for a while. I've been looking at the GT Timberline and it seems like it could work but I don't know much about those bikes. any help would be appreciated.
  12. fictionator


    speaking on INJ, lost a couple of close friends to overdoses. I did my first meeting tonight after starting over and aver and over so many times i cant tell you, lost my mom last year to booze so im going to try and hit the meetings. also im sweating like a monster while at work, any sort of fluster i am drenched, hope you guys are well. take care.
  13. The Tonight Show With Jay leno
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