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  1. ENEM....you can see him kill a wall in infamy... legal i believe.... haha/... sick hand tho
  2. pllllassssstiiiiiccccc bbbbaaaaagggggg
  3. online.... just look on different sites.... well ive never seen one in a store
  4. too have a really drippy kiwi mop... take the pump out... drips like a motherfucker
  5. my dad showed me this spot... haha... hes like "that sake guy is fresh!" hahaha
  6. its a a utensil holder... i stole it from one of my carpentry jobs
  7. ink dont work in it... i jus leaks out
  8. ny fats are the best flares
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/12-Pilot-Jumbo-Permanent-Markers-Retail-41-88_W0QQitemZ200056787118QQihZ010QQcategoryZ25353QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem i hate red pilots... but i found this on ebay
  11. whats paint is best for german thins?
  12. are german thins good on rusto?
  13. no fuckin paint... i gotta get some
  14. i didnt say they were phillys i said i derive my style from phillys..... its like a RI, Bmore, and philly mixed
  15. im not aimin for phillies, im just fuckin around with a hybrid of styles.. but yeah, im still workin on them
  16. im not sayin im good at philly hands... but philly hands are the best handstyles and they are what i base mine on.... why dont i see some of your shit? ps... i saw it... it seems like you need to work on your hand.... jus cuz mine is complex doesnt mean it dont have structure, yeah i fucked up that tall tag its wack, but dont say shit about me when your hand looks like a broken dick..... ps ps i dont write DOPE i just wrote "dope"... haha
  17. thanks... i used a red for those simples and red and black dont contrast enough so, ill try and get more flicks up later... thanks again
  18. PTR SAET APEO 2006 STAY DOPE SAETERS SAETERS top = SAETER middle = philly at all? tell me - saet bottom = SAETS FOUR side = saet still workin on it, ive taken advice and havent painted with it yet... so... how are these?
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