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  1. i wanna see more bmore handstyles
  2. i saw bomb the system last night, i thought it was terrible... it was far from being realistic in any way..... i think the quality of life was much better
  3. i didnt know it til last year but bmore has real dope hands.... handstyles list top 5 1 philly 2 bmore 3 LA 4 NY 5 sf
  4. can someone give me an invitation code for demonoid.com... pm me
  5. anyone got graf core videos.... i have graf core 1.... so gimmie whatever... i prefer graf core 2000.... thanks
  6. look at maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad flicks
  7. best handstyle on earth... phillies
  8. i dont like getting really high, i ussualy smoke a joint to get buzzed... i like that feeling so much better
  9. probably create nuclear ink that burns through cement and iron.... like etch for all surfaces
  10. yeah i saw videos, and they are annoying as shit
  11. i was gonna but reef and outerspace piss me off... when theyre live
  12. i saw fat joe paint CRACK.... yeah i saw that... hes not to bad either
  13. i used to drive to the closet city
  14. you usually see fat white trash bitches wearing these
  15. Re: BEAT off to the picture above you this thread is so ronchy
  16. new krink squeezers..... these look ill http://turntablelab.com/books_design/107/126/
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