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  1. http://community2.myfoxatlanta.com/_Miley-Cyrus-in-car-accident/blog/447600/77914.html
  2. better because i dont have any enimys like i do here
  3. but australians and american people are very different (aussies are complete dickheads)
  4. I currantly live in australia and hate it and i want to move to the usa, but i dont know what state/town to move to, can anyone help me out, i am looking for an area that is warm in summer and cool in winter, nice people and like houses with bright green lawns and big shady trees.
  5. i googled "google is gay" and found this http://emoticon.com.es/logos-google/gaygoogle.jpg
  6. put a key logger on the guys computer then cchange all his passwords, and also poo on the floor, i find that idea good
  7. anyone tryed cinimon pancakes? there great, just like a cinimon blunt :D
  8. lol who drew this a 4 year old?
  9. What would you like for x-mas this year? i know i would like a new phone some paint and a video camera, what about you 12oz?
  10. the day after new years eve this year i woke up in a park next to my house for some reason and i went back home and i couldnt find my phone, i looked for about 4 hours straight for it then i found it in my jacket, damn i was so pissed at myself lol
  11. does anyone remember what that show was called where it had 5 people (i think) and they had rings that represented something like water earth ect?
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