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  1. broke1

    Miley Cyrus dead at 16

  2. broke1

    Coming To America

    better because i dont have any enimys like i do here
  3. broke1

    Coming To America

    but australians and american people are very different (aussies are complete dickheads)
  4. broke1

    Coming To America

    I currantly live in australia and hate it and i want to move to the usa, but i dont know what state/town to move to, can anyone help me out, i am looking for an area that is warm in summer and cool in winter, nice people and like houses with bright green lawns and big shady trees.
  5. broke1

    We need to exterminate white people

  6. broke1

    Homophobes are gay

    hahahahaha:eek: :lol:
  7. broke1

    I Google Image google image...

    i googled "google is gay" and found this http://emoticon.com.es/logos-google/gaygoogle.jpg
  8. broke1

    Fuck corporate...

    put a key logger on the guys computer then cchange all his passwords, and also poo on the floor, i find that idea good
  9. broke1


    helan of troy
  10. anyone tryed cinimon pancakes? there great, just like a cinimon blunt :D
  11. broke1

    Police sketches

    lol who drew this a 4 year old?
  12. broke1

    What do you want for x-mas?

    What would you like for x-mas this year? i know i would like a new phone some paint and a video camera, what about you 12oz?
  13. broke1

    Got dumb shit?

    the day after new years eve this year i woke up in a park next to my house for some reason and i went back home and i couldnt find my phone, i looked for about 4 hours straight for it then i found it in my jacket, damn i was so pissed at myself lol
  14. broke1

    childhood cartoon thread

    does anyone remember what that show was called where it had 5 people (i think) and they had rings that represented something like water earth ect?