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  1. the amys got more style then anything else youve got, you should try different styles of straights to see what one you can develope better
  2. haha ok freak...im just saying that whne i looked at your stuff a few pages back they looked the same, like months ago so if you wanna battle me then lets do it, you can pick what we gots to do, and for the record i never said i was better then you
  3. freak as long as youve been writing and posting...your not taking anybodys advice and there for still sucking
  4. yo skeet get at me for a trade yo shit is fire
  5. z0ne

    Character Post

    ^yep yepp haha if your as good as you you should care about others work
  6. z0ne


    his fills are tublier
  7. base sire hip hip horray killadelphia...
  8. tyr work on that R and youll be straight
  9. color scemes are the best haha pick colors that are opposed of them selves on the color wheel (called complementary) secondary ( next to each other) or com...something or other (an iscololies )
  10. grasp try simplier letters
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