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  1. how Long Did It Take you To Get Good With one Name And How Many Times Did YOu Switch your Name? NO TOYS REPLY WITH SOME STUPID ANSWER!!!
  2. i know where you can get graff toys kidrobot.com
  3. Okay, every forum has one. I dont know If ones been tried before but lets try to do one... For those of you who dont know how it goes...make 2 choices. Next person picks one and the makes 2 choices...any topic. Pick from choices given. graffiti or pussy
  4. look like there is more Demublican on this forum...! i will use this in a artical that most graffiti writers and artist are..Demublican
  5. I know theres more parties but generally if you had to pick..where would you side?
  6. I dont really give a fuck about the cops and you people talk alot of trash on 12oz
  7. What Ya Doing This Halloween Man Me And My Boyz Are Going to Meet Up With PAintBall Gunz And Eggz And Toilet Paper Trashing Some Aves And Houses We Might As Well Bring A Couple cans to. so in set for halloween and when i get back thats if the fucken pigs dont catch us ill be going on my roof and bombing every car that passes by off my roof. if any one stops ill throw like 3 more eggz at them and when they get out paint ball them up.... Whats The Rest Of YOu People From 12oz Doing On Halloween? Have Any Halloween stories you guys wana share? Peace Ya...
  8. What Do You Guys Think Of A Graffiti Auction Like Ebay except every thing is skate boarding and graffiti caps,cans and every thing...? I came across a site like that but i dont remember the url ill check it out later.!:scrambled:
  9. How Many Time Did you Get locked Up Befor You Put Graffiti Away? onley if you stoped graffiti.
  10. ^April ^Dehs ^Law ^Noem ^Kwyet ^ Nohrt ^Bayser ^Tony Montana, ansr
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