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  1. K-OTIC

    graff songs

    ay do any of yall no the song they played at the credits of state your name?
  2. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e181/seanmwo/05-28-06_2302.jpg kan yall tell me wtf ya think bout dis bullshit i did awhile bak :)
  3. snapped my boner under a frieght
  4. wow YOUR A TOY wanting to write cuz of a movie that shitz gay i say u juz stop but if u wanna get a name a blackbook n some other markers but maybe u should PRACTICE instead of juzz goin out n doin it shitz toy son
  5. K-OTIC


    ne1 no a good cap for flares didnt see nething on the caps sooperthread
  6. K-OTIC

    best paint

    ay i just wanted to no everyones opinion of the best paint for me i always use rusto painters touch n kilz
  7. hey this might not belong in here but if any1 has seen state your name duz any1 no the song at the credits
  8. K-OTIC

    graff songs

    duz ne1 no any good graff songz except out for fame
  9. ANYBODY HELP i need to know how to make my own flow ink
  10. can ne1 tell me were r good spots to jack paint iv seriously looked in everybodys open garage EVERYFUCKIN WERE AWWWWWWW I NEED PAINT for the last week iv been down to just OTRs:D :D :D :D :scrambled:
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