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  1. Uhh, There was another Oldies thread which I can't find. I like how the final episode of BB turned people on to 'Tommy James'. Just sayin'
  2. My character keeps getting drunk and high.. And fuck the future PS player who is putting rust on my Caddy's tailfins.. Srsly. Also this would be a great defense "Your Honor. Clearly you can see the future SIMS player has arranged my client to rape and kill that woman. We can only hope the player be brought to justice when available."
  3. I guess I can appreciate scientists somewhere are fathoming all these theories.. maybe one day it will have common implications..
  4. That girl. those tits.. Ahh.. No.. Good Luck.
  5. Ya I've heard about overcharging at the storefront locations. We got twice daily UPS pickup/ dropoff and UPS Webstore app estimator and it works very well.
  6. That girl and those tits. Wow.
  7. Also if anyone wants to further explore the possibilities of quantum reality and likes hearing discussion in great detail to excruciating minutia of what can never be known check out this video.. I got about 15 minutes in.
  8. I don't really agree with the article. But these keep coming up. These guys are using technology we'll see in 10 years. I sell parts to all of them!
  9. Here is a pic from my fam's beach cottage in South African 'Dolphin Coast' where everyone has prolific knowledge of security systems. The the threat of crime and possibility of home invasion is inevitable. There was a rape/ murder of our tenants there 6 years ago. Every property has these spiked fences and electric wire. I have fond memories of hearing the 2000V 'pop' and 'snap' during the humid evenings.
  10. Same thing happened to a co-worker at TF Green in Rhode Island. Hands positive for Nitro Glycerin. Moved into little room. Bag positive for Nitro Glycerin. "The tests are almost never wrong" -TSA agent. 20 minutes later he was at the boarding gate. Toothpaste?
  11. That sucks bro. Seems business practices by definition are often immoral. Unless you're in the non-profit sector.
  12. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed Check the first few pages of N E W Y O R K C I T Y recovery thread. AFT all over it. Best thread on 12oz.
  13. I have a 'cool story bro' story for this thread. /NOCOP In late July my street had a rash of break-ins. The street is only about 500ft long. One day 3 break-ins occurred in the middle of the day. My neighbors went crazy with chain emails for everyone to be on the lookout. One of them sent around this post from a cop on some Neighborhood Watch message board. Pretty sure it is constitutional violation. But it is Providence.
  14. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed The 'Rape Tunnel'
  15. Holy crap. Did not realize. The porno/ swinger dentist Tim Watley who converted to Judaism just for the jokes. "Give me a schtickle of Fluoride". "It's our sense of humor that's kept us together as a people for 3000 years" -Watley "5000" -Jerry "Whatever" -Watley
  16. I wouldn't of expected the guy in the black shirt to tackle the white shirt guy. But he did.
  17. goo inside gum was a trend back then! *Bazooka Joe! That gum was terrible. Hurt your teeth at first.
  18. Yes we've saved everyone a syllable.
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