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  1. Tragic.. I'm sure heads rolled.. Literally..
  2. Dammit Drue. You're a fail on both ends. The France and Anaheim pics were with a bad camera but I stand by the framing on most of them.
  3. Much better than mine. Wish to return to Anaheim one day and really want to go to SW from there. Salton Sea.
  4. Please have a close look at the mailboxes photo. I felt terrible for her and only noticed after I took the photo.
  5. Yes it appears I went overboard here..Sorry..
  6. Not a great photographer. These are all from 1 street in Anaheim during a trade show in 2010.
  7. Exactly.. color shift, fog, all good. Thought maybe it would come out blank images sometimes. I am now bidding on some old 120 film from 1962 and am going to dig up this old Czecho 120 top-view camera from the early 60s I have ... somewhere. It is like seeing today from old eyes. Thanks.
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