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  1. I think this will be a wildly unpopular post. 1974 Datsun 120 AKA 1200. Fixin' to buy one.
  2. I had a simpler version than this one:
  3. There's a thread called your 'Days in Pies'. Maybe your pix fit better in there..?
  4. I don't like a lot of texture or people in my shows.
  5. I seen the investigation of that one. They built a whole chamber packed with explosives under the road. Idiot couldn't detonate it at the right time. Signal was a second late.
  6. I've seen those browsing classic cars on ebay. I think those were available with premium package Fords, Lincoln, Mustang etc. Early social networking?
  7. Good for you.. But you weren't there..
  8. Tragic.. I'm sure heads rolled.. Literally..
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