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  1. Really wish I could get churros without going to the damn flea market..
  2. Blue Mojitos, mock SchraderBrau, mock Los Pollos Hermanos Chicken, Tater-tots with ‘Franch’ dipping sauce, Albertson’s Green Bean Casserole with Almonds (from when Jesse joined the White’s for dinner, “Right on with the shopping Mrs. White”), a blue iced cake, a ‘Lily of the Valley’ centerpiece, a jar possibly containing a spider and what looks like bags of blue candy. I don't get the biscuit reference. I think these should be considered for anyone else planning such an event: Whistlepig Rye. Knob Creek Uncut pizza (figure out how to eat) From Venezia'
  3. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed I don't complain much and I'm not a Ch0 celebrity but I think things really went south when people started posting mangled dead bodies, people being murdered, etc in the ORLY thread...
  4. Also, has anyone here done meth? I did it once. We hit a deer and I laughed my ass off. It slid across the pavement like a hockey puck.
  5. Wow. Just finished. I noticed this painting made a comeback. Had a hand over mouth thing going when the 9 prisoners got shanked. Raw. Wow. I've never been a Jesse supporter. He's fucked up since the first episode telling crazy 8 and the other guy Walt's whole story. Walt needed someone like Todd all along but not much drama there so no TV show. I think it ended beautifully. Up until Hank on the can. The White house has been dark in all scenes of this season but in the end of this episode it was bright. Notice blue tones throughout the episode. Also. Def
  6. Was watching Law & Order SVU on Netflix waiting for tonight's episode and whose on ? Gale !
  7. Nando's! South African Portuguese Peri-Peri Chicken! Now available in Portugal!..
  8. 5th grade computer lab had these. It was boring all we did was make DOS prompt calculation programs. Funny I don't remember ever having to use a computer for school after 5th grade until college.
  9. Very unusual shirt.. Respect none the less.
  10. The one in the photo above the two/one of them/her. She looks fun.
  11. Reminded me of this with 'World Class Track Meet'
  12. I was wondering what song that was and if had any significance. Wow.
  13. This memory came up indirectly in the nonsense thread. I only remember these Coke ads, not Max Headroom. When I watched the videos it was ... corny ... almost disturbing.
  14. It may mean #1. Or something else?..
  15. I went to a place like that. All plague victims. And .. photo link gone. Try it again.
  16. Working on making an MP3 right now. Gonna blast that shit out ma Civic tomorrow.
  17. :lol: In Russia. Radio tunes you.
  18. Why do they broadcast a repeated horn sound for 30 years?
  19. Not when he first got the job in the lab, I don't think. Trying to imagine Gus' whole existence as just manipulating Walt into teaching Gale the cook and then killing Walt. Sayin' if he just put up with Gale.. brown bag lunch.. he would of made millions.
  20. I think Mike had a great point. All Walt had to show up for work at the laundry and not complain. What was Gus' offer? $2M? Also how many cars does Mike have?!? I can think of like 10.
  21. In 1969 the moon landing was the most significant collective memory. The year earlier they killed Bobby Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King. America was divided. Half cherished our Military strength and the other embellished our understanding. I think both sides appreciated that "yeah we put a person on the moon".
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