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  1. I hope Nace didn't do that. That WC is kind of . . wild . . The video game is just blah.. Couldn't be. No offense to you ... Chestnut.
  2. .... To me those letters in the photo are hard with detail crazy detail. That videogame shot is relaxed. Or maybe.. ?? I just searched google for Nace because I have only 2 stolens of Nace. I see the same split N connected with an arrow? Never seen Nace like this.. Lost interest for a while in late 90s. I guess I see it..:o
  3. I'm sorry but that doesn't look like Nace work.
  4. Looks like Corvette Mike changed his mind about washing the car.
  5. For those who are confused ... I'm trying to jump start the thread..
  6. I see it .. Thank you ... *edit . . great photo all around.. well worth a study everyone..
  7. Not a Vette guy ... dad was ... thought this vid would be of interest here ... Barn find 1978 Vette with 13 miles. Probably driven home from the showroom and left for 33 years.
  8. Good to see more pix of these. Every crosswalk box.
  9. Still can't figure this one out.. I think the scheppentaggen is a bad thing. Its German and was pop in the States late 90s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My0HQ0QkGLQ&feature=related
  10. Another discord post.. Going through some old photographs. I snapped this in Amsterdam in 1999. Being drunk and stoned we thought this was hilarious. Looking at the photo now I just want to house this thing..
  11. ... Never tried any of the opaque SoBes.
  12. I really enjoyed these, early 2000s. Wish I had a cold one now.
  13. What's the deal with the sexualization of oats?
  14. /\ In the US the Stanza was only sold under the 'Nissan' name. I think that was a good car too. Not classic status today but a good car. All those Japanese cars were just tossed out. That is why they're so rare.
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