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  1. These are incredible! Great to see someone hardcore experimenting with film and film cameras. Can you tell me the success rate of shots with old expired film? Like if you go out with an expired roll to take shots do all of them print or has it happened where you process a roll and everything is unusable? It is a great idea to use old film! Remembering the days when one had no idea how well the shot came out until after getting back from the printer.
  2. allfreetime


    MMmmm. I can tell you my defense contractor customers are going wild with forecast usage.
  3. Not really. Walt has put Hank in jeopardy time and time again from the beginning.
  4. I read the article too but dismissed it right away because only 1 of the 3 photos in the article looked like a wire but it was close up and couldn't tell if from BB or not. Now I see. Could it be a Teflon vest? A poorly designed one? Like from that trucker.. http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2012/08/insane-breaking-bad-theory-backed-by-questionable-evidence-so-good-it-might-be-true/ test links:
  5. I honestly thought this was going to be the unusual shit thread suggested in the Nonsense Thread days ago.
  6. It is US ambassador to Libya who was murdered on 9/11/12 after terror attack at US embassy in Libya. Reports are some Libyans tried to drag him to safety but he died.
  7. We saw the Arab Spring. Summer's over. Now the Arab Fall?
  8. Haven't thought about Heathcliff for 23 years. Wow. That was my favorite cartoon for what seemed like a long time..
  9. Really wanted one. Rents said no. All over Canal St.
  10. People on "this soil" don't say "spot on".
  11. I slept in until ~10AM EST. My answering machine kept going off with messages from my GF. Something about check on my Dad who worked in Arlington at NAVSEA office.. I turned on my CRT analog TV to NBC. For ~3 seconds I observed they were broadcasting two little smoking buildings and saying it was in NYC. I thought those are pretty small buildings for NYC .. Why's this on TV? It must be a big fire.
  12. I think one thing we can all agree on is that day permanently changed the world for the worse. RIP.
  13. Yes cell phones and garage door openers at 2.4GHz are the main triggering signals to boost a battery powered charge and ignite an IED. Here is a phone based IED charge which was blocked by a JCREW 'Joint Counter Radio Controlled IED Electronic Warfare' blocker made by my customers ITT, LMCO and SNC.
  14. 35mW will not give you cancer. We all have about 200mW of microwave signals going through us right now.
  15. I'm no pigcop. I'm a salesman. And what you really want for advanced security is perimeter scanning radar. Swoops at 1 second. Software included can tell you if it's a raccoon or a walking person. All the rage in Israel! http://www.aps-perimeter-security.com/pdf_downloads_public/microwave.pdf
  16. It's Monday. I have the day off. No new episode of BB.
  17. I think it's just a measurement. Like this computer has a 3 GHz processor. So it makes so many decisions per second. Soon a processor will have the same processing speed as the human brain (which is pretty fast considering sight, spacial awareness, muscle movements, involuntary body functions, thought, speech, memory etc). Possibly in 30 years a computer could process every decision a human brain makes over the period of an average lifetime in an hour. It's also been thought that one day a computer will be able to process as much as all the decisions every human brain has ev
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