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  1. Clearly this road was absolutely necessary. Look how many people use it!!
  2. I think the Weather Channel is telling me to take a vacation day tomorrow. That's good news. Also it looks like my 6AM flight out of PVD on Tuesday for some corny trade show work BS will be cancelled. Hello Sandy!
  3. The guy survived ball cancer which spread to his brain and lungs. He beat it and went on to win however many championships while starting his own charity. That does not sound like an evil person. Also I do not know about steroids but don't the boost testosterone levels? I think that would be a necessary treatment for someone who has had a testi removed.
  4. That's almost an argument!! Keep it coming..
  5. The entire forum seems to be a ghost town.. Over the years, even after the entire NYC thread was completely wiped out several times or put on lock some power hungry mod for months .. people still came back and the thread grew by like 20 pages a day.. flix of all ages.. people commented .. beefed .. whatever. Why is it so dead now?
  6. true, Aside: people like to get high.. that shit can stop..
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