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Everything posted by allfreetime

  1. Fuckin Christ. 1990 type MQ and Missing Link.
  2. I was researching some shit and stumbled upon a flik worthy of posting in here My god shit has changed in here. So cold. Thanks to nycisdead106 for creating a better than ever thread. If all the shit you posted could be compiled in a permanent volume like Encyclopedia Britannica I buy it in an instant.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yu7tGN9NCc
  4. Don't shoot you're mouth or face off. Aim towards the brain.
  5. I watch everything online. Commercials piss me off.
  6. 14 Riding my BMX around my little tourist hometown with a Uni-Paint up the sleeve of my Tar Heels Starter jacket.
  7. I think rent will be $3,000/ month at least.
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