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Everything posted by allfreetime

  1. More Goodlands market. Grime in paradise.
  2. What does one serve at a cross burning? There must be food.
  3. Link to original? I can't tell what was chosen for Rhode Island. It's probably http://www.narragansettbeer.com but can't tell.
  4. Holy crap. I just happened to see this guy 1 week ago during a short trip to Seattle.
  5. I think nycisdead106 has impeccable taste. He's taken the time and effort to post quality shit and should be thanked not criticized. No one is being prevented from posting other stuff.
  6. Hopefully we'll see pics of him at his arraignment next week. Esteban Carpio style. Looks like a fucking waif.
  7. Clearly 44. Photos are of 44 over the Braga and 44 under Government Center. Durp.
  8. If you want a little luxury on this decrepit adventure, stop by Estoril in Fall Riv and order the Portuguese Steak. Real classy but real cheap. http://www.estorilrestaurant.com/ Other thoughts on Fall Riv since I must commute through there twice a day. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. *I forgot, when you're really out.
  9. World's first 3-D pen. Heard about it on 'Morning Edition' today. No idea what I'd use it for.
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