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  1. I think it's an interesting idea and awesome you actually made it. But I think the problem you're trying to solve is not having to switch caps. With this you'd have to switch this special cap between each can. Even more switching. Unless you roll with like 15 of these things and never drop or lose one.
  2. I've been chasing my memories of Little Caesar's for a while now. There was no gourmet pizza then. Little Caesar's was awesome. Salad Salad. Crazy Crazy. Spaghetti Spaghetti. Pan Pan. There was once a value of 2 pizzas for the price of one at Little Caesars. And it was good.
  3. For what it's worth here is my blah blah take as an unknown but long time member. Very true. Except for the pain in the ass part. It's.. really easy. I didn't discover the Ch0 or other sections besides BRICKSLAYERS until long after joining. Never wondered what was there. I bought the 12oz magazines when they came out. $5. It was a really elegant take on a graffiti magazine. When the internet became common I was mind blown that one can see graffiti photos essentially for free on graffiti.org. Then this started. Fun to see, share and steal photos constantly on the NYC t
  4. A good day? Anyone? East Coast. Big Deal.
  5. Yes Jerry died very peacefully on Oct 8. Sorry to add to the serious mood in here...
  6. I seen some disturbing shit on 12oz. For some reason this is near the top of the list. What the fuck is that?
  7. Damn. That guy put bills on nearly every midtown walk sign. Gets busted in the Village.
  8. I'll bet that was on a flight from Vegas. Some people know when to quit when ahead. F'n 1st class home.
  9. I've been mostly a lurker all along. Seems to me that now all the bad shit (bullying, arguing, grotesque images, racism, sexism, homophobia) is gone.. it's just not as interesting...
  10. I came across this on eBay. Is that IZ THE WIZ on the side or something else? There is an arc and dot above the I.
  11. In the US we're being told ISIS is the crack of Islamic extremism.. Where was Al Bagdaddi a year ago? All of a sudden he is the leader of the most vital threat to the US?
  12. So I got this email from a former biz associate today. I knew he had a brain tumor but he has been telling me it was under control. Today I get this:
  13. nycisdead106 photo. 1979 Camaro burnt and parked the wrong way on an offramp.
  14. So you got gangbanged at age 11 while making the Parent Trap?
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