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  1. Reminds me of this... totally foul:
  2. Your boy just got an awesome thumb tattoo... http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/dish/201308/nbaer-may-have-gotten-misspelled-tattoo
  3. slowDown


    the fuck is that between the legs, peanut butter?
  4. slowDown

    NJ Gov. Christie

    I don't know much about him, but I hear a lot of talk about him running for President in 2016. Apparently he has given his blessing on a bill to allow access to medical marijuana to terminally ill kids. Sounds like a sensible fellow from what I gathered, just wondering if anyone else here knows more about him, perhaps some folks that live in New Jersey....?
  5. You can see the fupa hanging out the bottom of the shirt.....
  6. Re: BEAT (off to) the picture above you
  7. I'll be chilling on my deck up here in Humboldt watching the show, cheers!
  8. This shit has gotten ridiculous. I am sure it has been broken down many, many times. Nevertheless, toys take an ear to shit the older cats got to say: 1.) If you are the only cat in town who writes, consider the following options: A). Move B ). Quit Graff, seriously. Either that or don't tell everyone on here that your the only writer in your town. 2.) If you are holding down toy status, own it. Everyone here has been at that point in their life and for most of us the internet WAS NOT the place where we learned how to write. So if some of these older cats pass you a bit of wisdom that was learned in the streets -- which probably included a chin check or two -- listen the fuck up. You should feel privileged to learn your skills via sites like this, because shit was not always that way. In the event that you remain dedicated, good for you. It's pretty shitty. You stare at the mirrors in public bathrooms, trying to make sense of all the shitty scribes in the mirrors, only to feel a sense of relief when someone comes off clean. You notice things no one else does, like the streak tag on the bottom of that parking meter. In short, prepare yourself, because once you decide you are all in, there is no out. Been in the game for a long time, and I am no one famous -- wife, job, three kids -- but I still gets my ups. Just not as much as I did. But the itch never goes away. ** I don't know how that smiley got there*** ---- fixed the smiley for you -BNH
  9. Damn this thread is funny. Haven't laughed like that in a while.
  10. I have never heard of this. Is this what you are talking about? Looks tasty if so.
  11. You know what is utter nonsense.....? Being a writer and visiting a writer's forum and not checking ANY graffiti flicks, because they all suck.
  12. You can't deny the boys have been seriously crushing. Wish they would have dumped Kemp though.
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