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  1. Also his hair looks like shit for being a barber.
  2. Well after watching that video above I would completely agree. He should keep smoking 3 packs a day. That should give us around 20 - 30 more years of funny facial tats where he can fit them in. Also no surprise he hangs in Venice Beach, how fitting.
  3. Damn theres some fresh pieces in here. Is that Bims a few up? With the colored smoke coming off the letters. Couldn't really find the letters....
  4. i don't understand why a person would want to do that to their face.
  5. There be bulges in them panties mang! And the legs are suffering from a serious shave session! T
  6. That sounds really dismal, but aside from not doing much graffiti these days I do enjoy my slice of the pie.
  7. Most of my life has been consumed by graff in some way or another. I notice things most people don't, scribes on the gasket of a urinal, that landmark tag on the hinge of the door. The simple tag on the raised piece of concrete that rides for 10 years til' the sun fades it out. Yep feeling pretty old these days cuz most of the tags look like shit and the bombs are no better. Everybody jocking everybody on the interwebs and shit all looks the same. Yay for 37, 3 kids, a wife, and a jobby job.
  8. Yee I'm ready for G. One of the harder letters, for me anyway. As similar as it is to C it always looks wrong.
  9. I remember when I stayed down there from about 95-99 that the cliffs was a chill spot to hang out and get rowdy. Used to have that earth pipe and other faces dug into the side of the cliffs. Epic sunsets happening there. Kinda miss it actually. Super foggy and wet on this northern end of the state. Shit still happening at the fashion valley yard and wino valley ( thats what we called it)? That being said. Drinking spot is the deck, forest and river view. Try to find a pic...
  10. Re: random thoughts 33. ______ The posterior pituitary gland secretes a. Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) b. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) c. Adrenocorticotropin Releasing Hormone (ACTH) d. ADH (Vasopressin) e. The posterior pituitary secretes all of these. Whatcha got?
  11. Had no markers, just a couple highlighters.
  12. That's pretty fucking fresh. Hard to believe it's quick and sloppy, but shit, I don't know you. Hua GMV. Like the old school flow on that E
  13. You're going to have a hard time finding trim work in the summer. Harvest is in the fall mang. But the advice up there is true, unlesss you have tits or a connect, chances are you'll be up here sitting on the side of the highway with a cardboard sign, a bag of quinoa, and some scissors.
  14. Thats a nice bike. I used to have a Powerlite when I was younger, but it was stolen. Loved that bike.
  15. That looks good. Visiting Phoenix and having a hard time finding a good beer. Going with this for now:
  16. Well it looks like Injury won, and props given, so are we moving on to D?
  17. So after a round of log in/log out/log in again, here's the short version. Hotel,kids sleeping, black Bic only and my son's notebook. Kinda fucked up on the 3d's but it was still fun:
  18. you've always sounded like a wild, but honest real person. I'm a ways north of you. Perhaps our paths will cross. HumCo is a pretty small place with lots of folks passion through......
  19. All your cuts and outlines come out clean.
  20. Going back to school and finding out that the kid in front of you was born the year you graduated high school.
  21. slowDown


    Why post the face shot?
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