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  1. yep, clams have us all beat. deal.
  2. Just me and a bunch of robots. Am I seriously the only registered user on right now. Crazy.
  3. Been off tobacco for 2 months now. Don't really miss it all that much, but I wonder how much temptations will increase if I have a night out. Luckily I am in a RN program so I have no free time. Also, I've begun to realize that people who smoke smell awful.
  4. Damn man, is that Jay Cutler? That guy....well actually the entire Bears organization has made me hate football lately. It's not even fun to watch anymore.
  5. slowDown

    I'M DRY

    Bag Balm will get that sheen back real quick. Works good on deh feet. I throw some on with some socks before bed and I'm golden in the am.
  6. Well that was disappointing. Thought for sure after the last post that there would be some pictures of said illegal wife.
  7. She has a warrant out for her arrest now related to this... http://nypost.com/2016/09/07/green-partys-jill-stein-wanted-for-arrest-over-pipeline-protest/
  8. The thing that I really enjoy or enjoyed most about this forum was the sense of community. you didn't have to "follow" people or friend them to hear what they had to say. I think social media took away the vibe that we were generally all gravitating to in the first place, that being a place to come where we all had a common ground, which in this case was graffiti. Nowadays all you have to do is like, or friend one person and you get a ton of recommendations of what some algorithm thinks you might like. 12oz always seemed, and hopefully will continue to be, a destination for people of like mind
  9. Oh man that Gene Wilder meme is wrong. Dude was a good guy....
  10. I have a UK Underground shirt from years ago that has a silhouette of someone, I suppose its Taki, catching a Taki 183 tag on the bottom corner of the shirt. I rarely wear it these days, but I still like it.
  11. By Natalie Grover The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday banned some over-the-counter antibacterial hand and body wash products, saying they are no more effective than soap and water and could cause long-term harm. The move affects 2,100 products, or roughly 40 percent of the over-the-counter antibacterial soap market, Dr. Theresa Michele, director of the FDA’s division of nonprescription drug products, told reporters on a conference call. The ruling does not affect alcohol-based hand sanitizers or antibacterial products used in hospitals and clinics. The agency sa
  12. DAO and all his beef's. There was some funny moments to be had in there.
  13. A few years ago I decided to go back to school. Volunteer firefighting led me towards a real interest in medical trauma care. Fast forward 3 years. Back at school, old, but doing well(3.7 GPA). My advisor at my college is pushing me to apply to top nursing programs, UCLA, UC Irvine, etc. This past semester however, I took basic drawing as a requirement. My art instructor has said repeatedly that she does not understand why I am a nursing major and not an art major. I said because raising kids as an artist is rough, and I because I would like to keep the passion of doing what I love for me, and
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