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  1. Cool Ranch Dorritos and Diet Dr. Pepper ^^
  2. Well damn, I just spent the better part of two days reading these 40+ pages and totally shucking responsibility. Vicariously, it has been fun to see the pics and the stories that go along with them. Thought it really sucked how you got treated in Vegas at that mural painting. Liked your comment though, "Fuck meeting people you think you admire." Kinda figured those balloons might have popped. Anyway, thanks for sharing, what an epic journey you've been on.
  3. Havent been to Denver in almost twenty years, I remember Aqua was up like mad when I came through. That cat still around?
  4. slowDown


    Thanks for the feedback fellas, the Ducksch is an interesting knife, and I know more about it now than I ever did. It's about a sixteen inch knife including the handle. There are some numbers stamped on the blade, though I do not know what they mean. One side says 254, and the other says 41 fze with a little symbol underneath that looks kind of like a music note. There is also something stamped into the back of the leather on the sheath though it's very unreadable. Looks like it says P186 I. Under the 1937 it looks like it says NGR PETERSDORF YRSGB. Not sure what any of it means though. You guys have definitely got me curious about though. I also have a knife from the Franklin Mint that was passed down to me. It's got a 4" blade, folding, and the head of the handle has a bald eagle carved into it. See if I can get a picture up.
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    Here is a few from the small collection i have amassed: I got this knife from my mother in law: Up close on the date: From my pops, who is a VN Vet respectfully: Up Close Image: Father's Day Gift from Wifey: Benchmade-- I have lurked in here for a bit but appreciate the wide range around here. I have some more and hopefully can contribute again...
  6. This is super dope, though it always brings a sigh when I see what they've done to venice.
  7. slowDown


    Nice job Kaos. Thread is looking good. I'll try to find some oldies to contribute.
  8. Finished California Girl by T. Jefferson Parker. Thought it was a real good murder mystery. Takes place in the 60's in Orange County. A little T. Leary and Charlie Manson thrown in.
  9. Indeed RIP Gaines Adams. Felt he was going to do good things. Urlacher is signed through 2013, i believe. Hope he can stay healthy next year. Dudes had back, neck problems...
  10. Hope the Bears sign Peppers. Shit we have no draft picks this year and now that Gaines passed away we need someone. Some WR's would be nice too...
  11. Screening movies for my video store. Tonights lineup: 2012 Where the Wild Things Are Cold Souls Bitch Slap Gentlemen Broncos Black Dynamite Train + wine and smoke. Not sure if I'll make it through the list...
  12. Some of the heads I came up with used to talk with him. From what I can remember thats how it was. Anyhow, nice flicks as always man. Yours shot always bring me home...
  13. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- Venice used to be a dope spot. Nice catch of that Brock 77. Wasnt TCS Big 5's crew? Some type of stepping stone to bigger things....
  14. Haha.... thats what I thought I would get.
  15. Really though what the fuck is everyone so estatic about? I gets bored.
  16. I thought I had something to say. but dang.
  17. The Neti Pot is no joke. Keep you healthy. Neither is this. Found one on my hip 2 days ago. Still hurts like shat... Shit still hurts too...
  18. slowDown


    Where's Cise these days..?
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