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Everything posted by Mammoth

  1. Fuck. That OS GEMEOS wholetrain is fire.
  2. why don't you all simply see for yourself. i hate this misconception that the internet will turn you in to this ill graffiti writer.
  3. Bring it on bitch. Now I can rant and rave somewhere besides 12oz... Fuck.
  4. Outside this fucking douche bag burns me in the face with his cigarette. No apology after I check him about it. I put a big, hairy dingleberry in his whiskey drink.
  5. Mammoth

    O'CLOCK 156

    Bump bump! One of the greatest.
  6. right. my bad, i forgot that any attempt at being sarcastic would go way over your head unless i added the rolleyes icon. :rolleyes:
  7. actually, why don't you tell us the last time you painted a piece on a girl?
  8. That post was fucking G! CHINTZ! SMOKE! Some classics
  9. Mammoth


    My latest and only recent pick up.
  10. I like this song a lot. I HATE Kanye West's Workout Plan or whatever. I'm from the southside of Chicago, but that shit sucks!
  11. HAHAHAHA Funniest thing I've read all evening.
  12. Oh snaps, somebody wants to take it to the street! Word.
  13. As soon as the user controls come back up this is my new signature!
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