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  1. Fuck. That OS GEMEOS wholetrain is fire.
  2. why don't you all simply see for yourself. i hate this misconception that the internet will turn you in to this ill graffiti writer.
  3. Bring it on bitch. Now I can rant and rave somewhere besides 12oz... Fuck.
  4. Outside this fucking douche bag burns me in the face with his cigarette. No apology after I check him about it. I put a big, hairy dingleberry in his whiskey drink.
  5. Mammoth

    O'CLOCK 156

    Bump bump! One of the greatest.
  6. right. my bad, i forgot that any attempt at being sarcastic would go way over your head unless i added the rolleyes icon. :rolleyes:
  7. actually, why don't you tell us the last time you painted a piece on a girl?
  8. That post was fucking G! CHINTZ! SMOKE! Some classics
  9. Mammoth


    My latest and only recent pick up.
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