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  1. i recently saw gas chamber and resist control with iron lung in buffalo. so tough! picked up a bootleg confuse LP for 12 bucks.
  2. you should take acid in public and then normal life probably won't weird you out as much. but if your getting this weirded out over some vag, taking L might not be the best idea.
  3. they put out an lp in 06 after Pig Champion passed and also put out a split 7" the next year. they've played a few shows with the new guitarist and i heard he was pretty good. regardless its going to be tough filling the footsteps of the king of punks. and facemelt, upstate hardcore is hard to find? syracuse, buffalo and rochester keep shit moving all the time. i can send you a link to one of the forums closest to you if you want. hit me up on pm.
  4. check under compolations under album artists in your itunes or ipod. for some reason albums i upload sometimes make it into there. i think it has to do with the track listings under get info.
  5. yo i hope you caught that cmhx and those nwsx trailers
  6. Re: Motherfuckin' Surf/Garage/Psych Awesome Thread Full of Great AMON DUUL, THE SEEDS and acid maaaaan
  7. i agree with everything you said but i still stand firm in saying bad brians sucks, the dicks rule. punk and young until i die.
  8. i dunno man first off your right alot of kids get into punk from commercial popular bands of past time but why should they start off the bat listening to a band that full on supports hating gays? thats pretty punk right? second, i'm taking the cursty comic book guy comment as a compliment. so thank you sir. third, come on man saying theres no room in punk for smoking weed and praising jah but only room for smoking crack and worshiping satan had to be a joke....na mean? isn't this the internets where people can just say whatever they think or no....serious buisness time.... and bad brains still fucking suck.
  9. i'd think that some of the bands i mentioned helped make the mold for 80's hc. bad brains is probably apart of that group too but i simply don't like them and don't care. what seperates those bands from the rest? fitting into a mold of 80's HC when you weren't even born in the 80's is what seperates the bands i mentioned from the "rubber stamped" bands. i don't think people get how much kids are into 80's HC here. its almost like punk after 88 isn't relevant or even thought of as punk and its pretty uninspired and kinda corny.
  10. Really brah? i know shit loads of people disagree but to me just sticking to 80's US hardcore is fucking boring. partially because the "punks" where i live are all early 90's born kids obsessed with 80's HC and late 70's surf. plus everywhere else in the world had sick bands in the 80's. japanese dust noise crust bands, sweeden and uk's d beat bands, 80's finnish hc even Hollands SXE 80's punk bands all catch my attention way more than 99% of the rubber stamped watered down shitty 80's punk bands in the US. but honestly i just hated the sound of HR's voice. if its 80's us hc i listen to cro mags, negative approach, DYS, pre rollins Black Flag and the mother fucking king of punks POISON IDEA and alot more so its not like i'm discrediting all us 80's hc. I just don't think its the end all of what punk in the states is. and bad brains fucking suck.
  11. The bad brains sucks. They stole The Dick's bag of weed and called them faggots. Not punk. The last time I payed attention to bad brains they were doing acoustic on MTV and that was the last i cared to sort of care. Plus punks don't just smoke weed and praise jah (together). smoke crack worship satan and not sellin my bands shirt at stores in the mall for 13 year olds to have there mommys buy. but then again 80's US hardcore really never got my rocks off to hard.
  12. i miss my bnsf spot. fuck the recession!
  13. none of those flicks are from rochester and thats not the same evak.
  14. i don't wanna spend a week uploading all my flicks onto an image server again but if you check the toy site pure graff, i put up alot of pen flicks in the rochester gallery. and to pizza the hut dope old flicks i never seen before. anyone know if that spy one if the same from cuse?
  15. i like seeing people painting intermoduls. an i like seein the homie show.
  16. show 2 that old nova and set? jema?
  17. i live in a state with a shit ton of awesome micro breweries with alot of awesome dark beers. even some of our grocery stores and some gas stations have jacked up insane beer selections. and rorhbach's scotch ale have been steady fav's you east coast heads should check this out http://www.fcbrewfest.com/participants.php
  18. bones deta/yung? ono leader show 2 mvp
  19. just look at what news outlet is telling the story. wham is pretty much convincing white suburban rochester that black people are shit crazy evil beings. i'm just surprised nobody got shot.
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