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  1. Dude your a queer ball. Ill agree the 90s was an ill era for Seattle Graff. I seen it to. But bitching about it makes you sound like an old fart who's adverse to change. The past is the past, you would do better to lead by example rather than whine on 12 oz.
  2. Qoreqtion, real graffiti is about saqrifiqe. Go fuqq yourself. Ya dig?
  3. Real graffiti is about sacrifice. Fuck you morton.
  4. i remember partying in that hotel, and there was a moldy potato in the microwave,
  5. Im in a gang dawg, you've prolly heard about me...remember that one?
  6. Yo Chris talken, quit acting like you didnt already fuck all of those whore loko chicks, I mean four loko. You dont remember that hot tub session? Cause I do, your so humble sometimes buddy
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hohx3ua3rgY this is way doper
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