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  1. He keeps saying we're gonna eat it....I say wait till we figure out whether it's full grown or not. It's a mini-Pinscher in case anyone's wondering. It's cute, pretty timid, pees a lot. I have a feeling the previous owners are going to show up some time in the next few days, in which case I'm going to bust out their windshield.
  2. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA It's getting nasty out there... "]Hunt for ex-cop goes on amid Calif. snowstorm As I mentioned earlier, I don't think that the manifesto tells the whole story...unless he figures out a way to get them out there, a lot of the details are going to get glossed over. Another thing to consider is that the LAPD isn't chasing anyone into the mountains for your average black-on-black triple murder. Way to play your hand, guys.
  3. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA Even though Big Bear is easy to get lost in I don't think he's ever going to see the inside of a courtroom, so it's good he got his side of the story out ahead of time. And after reading the "manifesto," I got the impression that he's a fairly principled person...too bad he wound up being a cop, it must have been a hell of a letdown when he realized that he was going to have to work with a bunch of scumbags. My take on cops is that if they're any good at what they do they can't be all that different from criminals as far as how their mindset works. Factor in the gun and the official capacity and you have someone I want to avoid at all costs...at least most criminals have the sense to keep a low profile and leave you alone as long as you aren't a threat or standing in the way of what they're trying to do.
  4. shai


    That's what I was wondering, but what's it selling? Deep thoughts?
  5. I only do that once in a blue moon and only when it's absolutely called for, but I don't think anyone likes to be called names...unless it's something like Big Daddy or King Salami, then maybe.
  6. shai


    I'm about to make a bratwurst burger- They're good but I really wish I had these... If you ever see these and you eat pork I highly recommend them, especially grilled.
  7. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA I agree with everything Fist has said so far...I'll also add that it sucks it got to this point, and that this is not the kind of world I want to live in. Kind of surprising that he didn't seem to think he'd get fucked for being a whistleblower on the LAPD.
  8. Some people will invent the weirdest scenarios to rationalize the irrational...my visceral response has to do with how I feel about the type of person who will take that rationalization and inflate it into something that is impervious to facts, logic or reason then beat you over the head with it. To some people, EVERYTHING is a conspiracy...and if you don't buy into their delusions, you're just one of the sheeple in the herd. What if I just want to believe that the world isn't that rotten of a place? I don't think that's unreasonable, I've been through a lot and seen a lot but I'm not ready to believe that we're shooting kids in schoolyards to further their political agendas yet.
  9. Anyone ever made a kettle out of an old copper hot water heater? I've seen it done, it works well.
  10. I've tried to answer that before and I really can't explain it to people who see things that way...I don't make distinctions based on sex most of the time. That and I've never been a pussy hound, I guess.
  11. I don't know...if she was cool....who knows? I've hooked up with a few thick ones and it was generally all right as long it's all in the name of fun...sometimes not so much if there's attachments involved. And not because I have a problem with them being thick, it's more me not wanting to play the "but how do you perceive me?" game. I don't know, we're fucking...that should be a sign, right?
  12. I don't understand what the issue is exactly...she wasn't interested in hooking up but wants to be friends? Now she wants to hook up? You have a crooked dong? What's going on here? Let things happen and don't project anything on the situation and usually you'll wind up where you're supposed to be. I very, very rarely will initiate a dialogue with a female with the sole intention of hooking up. I won't deny that's it's happened with varying results, but I've learned a thing or two since then...basically I don't want to seem sleazy or desperate, even when that might be the case.
  13. You'd think that, but...I just checked, and- Channel Zero - 317 BS - 262 Maybe combined the graffiti threads get more action, but we still seem to be pulling in plenty of spectators. I realize that the forum probably won't get shut down if people keep posting lame shit, but if your rationale is "Why are you pissed, this place is on life support anyway" then why are you doing everything you can to finish it off? Are you that bored or are you that dumb?
  14. We don't always agree. I make a distinction between cops as individuals and the police as an institution, he doesn't see it that way. It's like calling a plumber to mow your lawn...when I need help I call a friend.
  15. Nsmbfan- I'm not implying that you're a snitch but if you publicly ask for something to take action the way you did that's probably going to be the common perception. In the future if anyone sees something they really can't hang with or wants to report some spam, PM Symbols or Mercer....taking out the trash is one of the less glamorous aspects of moderation but it's necessary.
  16. Then don't give Complexmedia second thoughts about whether they should keep the forum alive. It's pretty simple- everyone can say Channel Zero drives 12 oz but a) it has almost nothing to do with graffiti, b) it's full of adults who should know better and c) that doesn't give anyone a pass to post whatever they want. If it looks like a bad investment, they just might pull the plug...so don't flatter yourselves too much. I don't want to be the heavy here...if you don't want to get banned (or worse, end up on my ignore list) just think before you post photos. Arguing is whatever to me at this point, at least that shows me people are somewhat engaged. For the record, the only thing I report is spam. I have considered reporting some shit I've seen in here but I'm not a snitch like that and it usually gets handled at some point.
  17. "Serve and protect" (or vice versa) is an incomplete statement- they deliberately leave the "ourselves" part off to mislead people.
  18. Point taken...I realize there isn't much of a moderation staff these days, but this has always been SOP around here. It doesn't set the right tone when you let things turn into a free for all then yank the chain and make everyone dry snitch by saying "but you let so and so do it." My personal tastes aside, one good reason I don't think gore or hardcore porn should be posted on 12 oz is because kids look at this site. Would you want your kid stumbling across that shit? And don't use the "they can find it anywhere" argument because they aren't looking for it here, or at least they shouldn't be looking for it here. This is usually where the "I do what I want" crowd chimes in. There's other sites that will let you post ANYTHING and get away with it, so why are you here? If you're only here to troll and you get banned, good fucking riddance, I say.
  19. Why would anyone would assume they can get away with posting whatever they want due to a lack of traffic? If someone repeatedly posts fucked up shit despite being warned not to do so and winds up getting banned, that's their own damn fault. At the same time, letting shit slide then banning a bunch of people out of nowhere sends the wrong message.
  20. The next time I go hiking there I'm going to wear a t-shirt that has the text of the Fourth Amendment printed on it...you know, just in case they need a gentle reminder.
  21. Units - Contemporary Emotions (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Acoustic Rework) Golden Goose - King and Hound re-edits mix
  22. One of my friends beat a shoplifting case by demanding a jury trial. The store offered him a few deals and he kept turning them down, and it finally dawned on them that he had every intention of making them spend thousands of dollars on court fees over twenty bucks worth of merchandise. Loopholes notwithstanding, one of my rules of thumb is to be on my best behavior when I'm on federal property of any kind. I was hiking in the GGNRA a few years ago and got searched by a couple of bored park cops for no apparent reason...when I told them I wouldn't consent to a search without probable cause they more or less said "You look weird and there's kids around." Huh, can't argue with that kind of logic. At least they didn't arrest me for obstruction of justice.
  23. Even though my track record for meeting up with folks when they're in town hasn't been that great recently, what the hell...if you wind up in the East Bay before the 8th let me know.
  24. I remember Len Bias. That's how I heard about crack.
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