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  1. Re: D• I • Y [do it yourself thread] I make/hack all kinds of stuff. If I ever get organized I'll post some pics. There's a great hacker space in SF called Noisebridge that I go to once in a while. So far I haven't done much besides use the sewing lab and watch my friends build robots...the one downside is that it's an open floor plan, which can be somewhat distracting at times.
  2. That was his own damn fault, and I'm sure he'll never do it again. I've watched my entire city get blown up over the last few years, but what the fuck am I gonna do about it? Fight everyone in Oakland with a Instagram account? Social media is just another nail in the coffin of graffiti. It won't stop me from doing what I do, but aside from some golden oldies I'm not promoting myself...which is something that blows my mind. How do you do that and not get caught up? That was a lesson I learned ten years ago...are people really that dumb about how the world works? If so, God help us all.
  3. Agreed on the chili garlic sauce, I can use up a small jar in a couple of weeks no problem. It's basically Vietnamese sambal...speaking of which, sambal oelek is another favorite of mine. I used to eat it when I was a kid, we had neighbors from Java who'd give us jars of it. Once you get used to it there's nothing better. I prefer Tapatio over Valentina...they're equally good, I just think Tapatio tastes better. I helped Illuminati make a bunch of hot sauce last fall...I thought it came out pretty good. We were eating the leftover mash with chips like it was salsa for a while. We'll probably make more once peppers are in season again.
  5. That one's good, but there's other brands of sriracha out there that are better. I don't know why but Tapatio doesn't seem to be available in much of the rest of the US. It's one of the better all-purpose hot sauces I've found, even though it's not really hot at all.
  6. I agree, he could have waited till other things were at least somewhat cooled off but that's how it goes. The question is, who would you replace them with? We have devolved from a semi-enlightened era into...whatever you want to call now. Sure we have a ton of cool gadgets, but we're almost dumber for it. Sleaze- You're going to get taxed either way, so which would you rather pay for- an oil war, some dickhead CEO's pedicure tab, or nationalized health care? My guess is that at least part of the reason you feel that way is because you didn't grow up with some kind of subsidized health care. I would like to see my tax dollars working for me and not killing people or substantiating greed.
  7. I hope she's snorting Pop Rocks. That would be funny.
  8. I wasn't aware that you lived in the Outback...we have areas like that too not far from here, but that's the reality when it comes to rural life. They do have power, though. Needless to say I've never been there so what I know is based on what I've read about the place.
  9. The Bay Area has decent transportation but rest assured it would go to hell relatively quickly if gas were to double in price. Keep in mind that while you pay seven bucks a gallon in Oz (and in similar parts of the civilized world) you're probably seeing a fair return on what your taxes are paying for. Here gasoline is subsidized then heavily taxed and we barely see shit for that.
  10. RIP Hugo. You were a wingnut but I think your heart was in the right place.
  11. That's why I kept mine short and sweet. Very little room for interpretation. BTW, once these guys get piped down a few times by the brothers they usually turn racist. Not being racist, just repeating what I've heard from a couple of friends of mine who know. The reason I have a beef with this guy is because there's nothing revolutionary or compassionate about collateral damage. For all he knew there could have been a day care center in the building, same as with the Oklahoma City bombing. So fuck 'em.
  12. shai


    They're a little different from the SS you're thinking of. I'm not a fan of FGFS either (go figure) but I've been looking at these bikes for a while and I think they're kind of cool. I discussed this with a friend of mine this morning (he's one of the guys who actually got the sport going) and he broke it down for me...I'm gonna be doing a test ride sometime in the next few weeks, so I'll report the results once they're in. It looks like I might be going with the Volume Thrasher, though... http://www.pedalroom.com/bike/volume-thrasher-6150
  13. Illuminati- This is why I hate Santa Cruz. Hey Mike- you're a kook and about as bright as a box of rocks. Enjoy your cancer. Suck my ass pipe, Shai
  14. Re: anyone else getting fucked over by the sequestration? I'm sorry to hear that. I'm no fan of the guy but I'm going to slightly retract what I said before and say this instead- I don't blame Obama for pushing Obama Care through. No, this is obviously GOP payback for the health care bill...which isn't something I was a huge fan of either, but come on, it's forty years overdue! We're forty years behind the rest of the world thanks to these ass clowns, and they want to get even because "We ain't gonna folla no nigra plan to pay no nigra doctor bills, hyuk hyuk hyuk." Which means you're willing to implode the global economy out of spite....awesome! Actually, no, fuck you. I hope there's a extra hot place in hell for these assholes.
  15. shai


    I appreciate the support, but as I said before it almost feels like there's practically no effort involved. I just don't feel like drinking....every now and then I'll see a beer and think "Gee, that looks appealing" on some visceral level but I know I don't really want it. I still like the smell of coffee, I just didn't like it that one day and for whatever reason I decided to stop drinking it...and it stuck. Will it be the same with booze? It wouldn't surprise me if it turns out that way...nor would it surprise me if it didn't. Right now I can say that I hope it sticks, because I was getting to a point I wasn't comfortable with when it came to how I drank. Glad you got it under control, cunt sauce. I can totally identify with the "If you weren't my friend I'd knock you the fuck out right here, right now" sentiment.
  16. And how is this different from the same thing that's been happening on 12 oz since the late 90s (other than having mods around to clean up the mess)? I stopped participating in graff a long, long time ago. Not DOING, that's easy enough. But as far as circle jerking my way to bigger and better things? No suh. The next guy can have it, I'll just write on things and he can talk about me on (insert website here) while I'm off doing other stuff.
  17. Re: anyone else getting fucked over by the sequestration? The funny thing is that I care more about people on 12 oz getting hosed than the fact that they work in industries that I find mostly reprehensible (defense and petroleum come to mind). What we need is a war that we can win and a reboot of the Marshall Plan- this will allow us to go in and rebuild so we can install another neoliberal regime that will buy and sell our crap. Fighting people who have been fighting each other since the dawn of civilization is like standing between two guys slinging shit at each other. The only smart place to be is upwind....way, way upwind. Like "on another continent" upwind. (I'm not sure how serious I am about that Marshall Plan idea, so let's assume I'm joking and leave it at that. The second part I stand behind 150%.)
  18. shai


    I'm considering getting a 26" FGFS bike and putting a full-size basket on it. I keep killing old mountain bikes, and they aren't getting any cheaper...so since I won't buy crap and most 26" SS bikes never seem to have a geometry I like, this seems like a good way to go. The frames are compact, take huge tires (I've seen 2.3s on some bikes) and they're set up with modern BMX components, and if I want to ride dirt (not FGFS) all I'd have to do is take off the front wheel and swap out the bars and stem and maybe the tires. So does anyone here have anything like this? I've been looking at the Grime Yo Mang and thinking "Wow, that's almost exactly what I'm after." Edit- the Specialized Pfix goes for 700 complete and if I call in some favors I can probably get it for wholesale- I think the fact that I'm almost 40 and planning to ride what's basically a kid's bike is kind of funny, but if the shoe fits...
  19. shai


    Two months as of today. Still not interested in drinking at all. It's fucking weird, since I'm not really trying but I like how things are going. It reminds me of when I quit drinking coffee...one day I bought my morning cup of joe, went to take a sip and realized "Wow, this shit is disgusting" and gave it away. Haven't touched the stuff since 1998. I lost two long time friends the last time I kicked opiates. That was hard, as they were both very close to me and I wasn't prepared to let go of them as friends at all. But they made the call, so there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it. One of them finally got clean, and even though we still aren't on speaking terms I'm not mad about that. The other one, I have no idea. Could be dead for all I know. I hope not, they deserve better. I've lost one "friend" this time around. That was directly related to my decision to stop partying, which turned out to be sort of a power move for me socially and I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it...relieved to see them for what they are sooner rather than later, but I regret they couldn't have lived up to the first impression they made on me. Maybe they'll get over themselves, who knows. I sure don't. Hope everyone's doing good. If anyone wants to get a hold of me off of 12 oz, feel free to PM me and I'll give you my contact info...I can't promise much in the way of consistency or immediate responses (I'm busy and easily distracted) but I'll do my best.
  20. Re: How do you deal with creative blocks? I don't. If I'm not inspired I do something else until I am, then I'll run with that till the muse runs out or my hands stop working.
  21. It hovers around $4 here. When I was a kid (1986 or so) gas dropped to something like 68 cents a gallon at one point. When I started working as a messenger (1997) it was about $1.50 a gallon...I've never had a license so gas prices have never directly affected me, or so I'd like to think.
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