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    It helps if you don't think of it as something you're going to succeed or fail at. What's most important is realizing that something is amiss and then deciding how you want to address it. If your initial reaction is "I HAVE to stop"and you stake everything on that then yeah, it's a big deal. But if if you break it up into bite size chunks (hence the "One day at a time" thing) it makes it seem a little more manageable. I'm kind of on the week to week plan nowadays. I just get through the week, review how things went, then go on to the next week. I'm not recommending this for everyone but it seems to work for me.
  2. You get drunk off of a 40 faster because you drink it faster...most people like consuming their beer while it's cold and somewhat fizzy, so they wind up pounding the equivalent of 3 1/3 regular beers in half the time. I've found the happy medium to be quart bottles...quart cans don't cut it, they transfer heat from your hand to the beer a lot faster than glass does. And you pretty much have to finish it in less than a half hour or so, which will put most people two beers over the legal limit in (again) half the time. Since that's where some people want to be, that's all right I guess. Point being, IMO 40s are kind of a burn as far as the beer experience goes assuming you like cold beer.
  3. Early Sunday morning is the best time to get big things done, assuming no one sees you and wants to make an issue out of it. I have been in similar situations numerous times in the past, and in my experience most cops don't seem to care about spots that are 100% abandoned and not posted as long as you aren't doing really fucked up shit there. Painting and taking photos is usually okay as long as you aren't catching tags on the way in or out...drugs, theft and hurting people definitely get on their radar though. It also depends on the cop, too.
  4. shai


    Why would I want to take something that counteracts the effects of alcohol? If I'm drinking it's usually because I want to feel something different. (Okay, there are other reasons, but we don't really need to go into all that again.) If they worked after the fact and sobered you up or helped hangovers, then that's another thing, but other than water I don't know anything that helps either condition.
  5. Completely natural, except for soap. Coconut oil as a hair moisturizer, oil blend for deodorant. I generally use pine tar soap or Dr. Bronners. Tom's toothpaste and mouthwash. That's about it.
  6. Crews are for people that think teams and lopsided fights are what they need to gauge whether they're winning the game or not. I don't need a crew. I'm supposedly on a couple dozen crews but I don't advertise for any of them.
  7. shai


    Have you looked into complementary medicine? When I was dealing with some similar issues (C7 spinal injury) I got a lot out of acupuncture/acupressure and osteopathy. I won't deny that the doctor did keep me hopped up on plenty of goofballs but there's no doubt the treatments helped.
  8. Soul Syndicate - This Is The Greatest Version
  9. If you get a chance, check out the Powerhouse Project while you're there...some of my friends are involved with it.
  10. My cousin lives there. That's about it.
  11. Like the idea, not crazy about the price.
  12. So far I have at least three hundred applications/resumes out, with no response. Scratch that, I did get one response. And it turns out I'd have to invest a couple hundred bucks in getting what I needed to be ready to work, so it's probably not gonna happen. Recently I started applying for jobs that sound....not fictitious so much as I've never heard of them, and they sound made up, so I figured "What the hell?" and started sending them resumes. Odd jobs aren't cutting it and I keep hearing that the job market is recovering....that doesn't square with what I see, though. There is work out there but employers are cagey, way more so than they used to be. It's not enough to know someone in management then show up in person dressed semi-nice and sober anymore, I guess.
  13. shai


    I stopped for a month two and a half months ago. I still smoke and have sleep problems but that's anxiety for you. I lost some weight along with the hangovers, so that's a huge plus. I never have money, so that's kind of a non-issue and an advantage at the same time. I don't go out as much, which suits me fine since it gives me more time to be productive. I don't have the urge to drink at all, which is puzzling to say the least but I wouldn't say it's bothering me. Generally I try to not see change as a hindrance. I'm not saying that's where you're at, but not drinking doesn't get in the way of anything I want to do so much as it allows me the clarity to make better decisions and not worry about the dumb shit. If being around booze makes you want to drink, consider this- the party ain't going anywhere, so you aren't missing anything you haven't seen a million times already....make your time away from the party count and enjoy yourself.
  14. The usual prescription is four ounces or about fifteen doses, so there's roughly 160 mg per bottle. The biggest bottle I've seen was around a quart, which seems like it would be hard to obtain legally since it's the container the pharmacist dispenses from...which is probably not an issue if you're Lil Wayne.
  15. It's 10 mg per dose...so if you consume a half bottle or more at a time, it adds up. Despite that, I'm still trying to wrap my head around how much codeine you'd have to take to induce seizures. I've done my fair share of opiates, and even with a pretty high tolerance I would think you'd knock yourself out well before you reached that level of toxicity...maybe he was using a beer bong or boofing it. Either way he's gonna have some explaining to do when he wakes up and his liver says "What the fuck, bro?"
  16. Are you at Fisherman's Wharf or Pier 40? I almost moved onto a boat at the Wharf until I realized I'd have to get rid of damn near everything I owned. Did spend a little time on a 30' houseboat at Emeryville last year...all I can say is the tide changes are a trip.
  17. Let me guess...it's one of the Bosch induction ranges?
  18. I think the fact that you're his new landlord will shake him up enough. Would you want to have that hanging over your head or have to give money to someone you screwed over (and presumably didn't respect)? Just be nice and say "Shit happens...but business is business, pay your rent and I'll maintain the property" and he won't know what to think since he's expecting you to be the dickhead landlord that triples his rent.
  19. I transferred a bunch of stuff a while ago that I just wouldn't find again (demos, mixes, radio shows) but everything else I figured wasn't worth the hassle. The sound quality was the deal breaker...I can put up with tape hiss if it's unique but I wasn't gonna convert all of my Black Sabbath tapes when I could download 320 rips.
  20. shai


    And I had a lousy evening Monday followed by a really manic Tuesday...the kind of day that makes people shut down a bar then go home and kick the dog. But I didn't drink. It just didn't occur to me that it was an option. I'm beginning to wonder what the hell is going on...I don't mind that the urge isn't there, but the fact that something that's been in the front of my mind since high school just up and left practically overnight is damned strange.
  21. shai


    Everyone thinks I'm this super nice and compassionate person, but what they're really seeing is common courtesy. I do not suffer fools gladly, and given the opening I'm more than happy to let them know what's up and not be nice at all about it. I try to always speak my mind wherever appropriate, because not doing so has caused me no end of headaches...eventually it turns into one of those "Okay, do you REALLY want to know what I think?" situations and I unload on them. I've made people cry without even trying...I can be a sarcastic, bitter person and when someone mistakes my kindness for weakness they usually regret it. And I LIKE it! I used to be accommodating and forgiving to a fault, and where did that get me? People would practically line up and wait for a chance to give me the business, and I let them...I thought that was how you made friends. It took me WAY too long to figure that shit out, and when I realized I was a human doormat that kind of fucked me up for a while. I'm still willing to give anyone a chance, and sometimes I'll give them a second chance but that's about it. It's why I'm single...I just do not do relationships well at this point in my life and I don't want to subject anyone to that, most of all myself. As long as you aren't going out of your way to be a jerk or taking your shit out on other people because you can't deal with it in a healthy manner, I'm all for being a strong black woman. Wait...what were we talking about again?
  22. shai


    That looks about right...I would go 26" but with lower bars and no pegs since I'm not gonna be doing tricks on it. The flat black looks cool, at least I have an idea of what it would look like painted. Does it have brake mounts? There's a Holdfast frame with them but I don't have the hookup on that brand.
  23. People have been doing this since the sixties. The only problem would be if he took credit for the concept and/or copyrighted it somehow. I don't know whether permission is an issue or even applicable here, but if it is I would assume he would at least try to get that squared away. In my experience I've found that the art world tends towards being arbitrary and effete, so I'm only in it for the money.
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