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  1. Re: anyone else getting fucked over by the sequestration? Why would they go UP if there's less oversight...oh. Never mind.
  2. I acquired a set of Akira first US edition (circa 1988) 1-mid 20s and the first three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books in the late 90s, all in excellent condition...I was between jobs, so I read them then took them to a friend's comic book shop thinking they might pay my rent or something. I ended up getting about $175, and the bulk of that was for the first Akira and the TMNTs (which are worth considerably more now...oh well). Point being it was a score that I didn't know the value of at the time, so I probably got took to some degree but it ended up helping me out when I needed it.
  3. Yeah, I don't think I'd be too interested in DMT either if there were a couple hundred thousand people hanging around. About the only festival I go to is Hardly Strictly in SF...short of Illuminati deciding to roll me up in a rug and dragging me to Camp Deliverance this summer, I think that's about all I can handle.
  4. I know or have met most of those people...seems like we know a lot of the same folks. Aside from that all I can say is that it takes years and it usually isn't done for recognition.
  5. Re: anyone else getting fucked over by the sequestration? I'm all for people living within their means but a smartphone and a social life doesn't sound extravagant. This is flat-out getting double-teamed by your elected officials. No two ways about it.
  6. Re: anyone else getting fucked over by the sequestration? "If taking a day off is that huge of a burden then what's wrong with the bigger picture" is a little more accurate.
  7. Re: anyone else getting fucked over by the sequestration? They should all be fired. Bipartisan politics means being able to compromise for the greater good, not having each side say things like "The other guy is letting you get fucked, how do you like it?"
  8. shai


    He seems okay (we're friends on FB.) LUGR- if you need someone to hang out with or talk to who won't lead you down the wrong path, I'm around.
  9. How good can anything like this be after 13 years? It's a cash cow, it's not about the audience having an enjoyable experience. Illuminati is right....there are better festivals out there, you might not get to see all of the bands you want in one convenient package a la Bonnaroo but the promoters actually care about little things like safety and sanitation.
  10. And now you guys are fucking again?
  11. I was working at a record shop around the time RATM's first album came out...I remember one of my friends saying "If these guys are so anti-corporate then why didn't Dischord or Epitaph pick them up? I smell bullshit."
  12. shai


    Wound up going to a couple bars with my friend the other night, and when you're sober that bar smell is something else. Kind of like a combination of vomit, stale beer and disillusionment rolled into one funky package that cuts right through any head cold. I don't think I'm particularly mean-spirited, but if I hang around drunk people every once in a while I feel like it's exactly the kind of positive reinforcement I need...watching last call play out is more affirming than any meeting I've ever been to.
  13. shai


    Still sober. Nothing else to report...maybe that's good.
  14. "...then the spokesman retracted the apology, yelling 'That's what you get for driving a blue truck, bitches' while firing shots from his sidearm into the air with one hand and wiping white powder from his nostrils with the other."
  15. And that's the busy desktop.
  16. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA As soon as I heard that he was holed up in a cabin I knew there was gonna be a fire...I wouldn't be surprised if someone said "Fuck this" and decided it was bazooka time.
  17. Someone got conned into...I mean, adopted her the other day, He's a dog person so that's good. Here's a slightly better pic-
  19. Seems kind of pointless to name something you plan to eat, but...what about "Frank the Tank Chavez?" I was thinking "Stick it in her asshole, Francois, I like to watch" has a nice ring to it, or maybe "Tootsie Roll Dispenser."
  20. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA Every tree all at the same time? Is he God now?
  21. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA He's been through a lot....does he have to be consistent?
  22. One summer my friend got the salvage title on a Datsun B210 that had been rolled but ran fine. He cut the roof off, straightened out the frame and replaced the windshield. BOOM! Instant Road Warrior car. Then we painted it flat black and put a Motorhead logo on the hood to top it off. We used to joke with him "But what are you gonna do when it rains?" and he'd say "It's still nice out, fuck it" and change the subject. A few months go by, then one day I saw him driving around in a storm wearing an old Army helmet and a poncho, leaning as far forward under the windshield as he can. Shortly after that he traded it for a bunch of ecstasy. Now everyone's trying to figure out what to do with the dog. All I know is that I can barely take care of myself...having a dog to look after would be a disaster for all concerned.
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